I. verb (cut; cutting) Etymology: Middle English cutten Date: 13th century transitive verb 1. a. to penetrate with or as if with an edged instrument b. to hurt the feelings of c. to strike sharply with a cutting effect d. to strike (a ball) with a glancing blow that imparts a reverse spin e. to experience the growth of (a tooth) through the gum 2. a. trim, pare <
cut one's nails
b. to shorten by omissions <
cut the manuscript
c. dilute, adulterate <
cut the whiskey with water
d. to reduce in amount <
cut costs
3. a. mow, reap <
cut hay
b. (1) to divide into parts with an edged tool <
cut bread
(2) fell, hew c. (1) to separate or discharge from an organization <
cut them from the team
(2) to single out and isolate <
cut a calf out from the herd
d. to turn (as a steering wheel) sharply <
the driver cut the wheel hard
e. to go or pass around or about ; bypass <
cut the checkout line
4. a. to divide into segments <
cut the cake
b. intersect, cross <
one line cutting another
c. break, interrupt <
cut our supply lines
d. (1) to divide (a deck of cards) into two portions (2) to draw (a card) from the deck e. to divide into shares ; split f. analyze, break down <
any way you cut it, we won
5. a. to make by or as if by cutting: as (1) carve <
cut stone
(2) to shape by grinding <
cut a diamond
(3) engrave (4) to shear or hollow out <
cut a groove
b. (1) to sing, play, or act for the recording of <
cut an album
cut a commercial
(2) to sing or play (as a song or a track) for a studio recording c. to type on a stencil d. edit 1b <
cut a motion picture
6. a. stop, cease <
cut the nonsense
b. to refuse to recognize (an acquaintance) <
they cut her dead at the party
c. to absent oneself from (as a class) d. to stop (a motor) by opening a switch e. to stop the filming of (a motion-picture scene) 7. a. to engage in (a frolicsome or mischievous action) <
on summer nights strange capers are cut under the thin guise of a Christian festival — D. C. Peattie
b. to give the appearance or impression of <
cut a fine figure
8. to be able to manage or handle — usually used in negative constructions <
can't cut that kind of work anymore
9. a. to yield or accord to another ; give <
cut me some slack
b. to fill out and sign (a check) intransitive verb 1. a. to function as or as if as an edged tool b. to undergo incision or severance <
cheese cuts easily
c. to perform the operation of dividing, severing, incising, or intersecting d. to make a stroke with a whip, sword, or other weapon e. to wound feelings or sensibilities f. to cause constriction or chafing g. to be of effect, influence, or significance <
an analysis that cuts deep
2. a. (1) to divide a pack of cards especially in order to decide the deal or settle a bet (2) to draw a card from the pack b. to divide spoils ; split 3. a. to proceed obliquely from a straight course <
cut across the yard
b. to move swiftly <
a yacht cutting through the water
c. to describe an oblique or diagonal line d. to change sharply in direction ; swerve e. to make an abrupt transition from one sound or image to another in motion pictures, radio, or television f. to make a sudden transition or imaginative leap <
the story cuts to 1917
4. to stop photographing motion pictures 5. to advance by skipping or bypassing another <
cut to the front of the line
II. noun Date: 1530 1. a product of cutting: as a. (1) an opening made with an edged instrument (2) a wound made by something sharp ; gash b. a creek, channel, or inlet made by excavation or worn by natural action c. a surface or outline left by cutting d. a passage cut as a roadway e. a grade or step especially in a social scale <
a cut above the ordinary
f. a subset of a set such that when it is subtracted from the set the remainder is not connected g. a pictorial illustration h. track 1e(2) 2. the act or an instance of cutting: as a. a gesture or expression that hurts the feelings <
made an unkind cut
b. a straight passage or course c. a stroke or blow with the edge of a knife or other edged tool d. a lash with or as if with a whip e. the act of reducing or removing a part <
a cut in pay
f. an act or turn of cutting cards; also the result of cutting g. the elimination of part of a large field from further participation, consideration, or competition (as in a golf tournament) — often used with miss or make to denote respectively being or not being among those eliminated <
played well and made the cut
3. something that is cut or cut off: as a. a length of cloth varying from 40 to 100 yards (36.6 to 91.4 meters) b. the yield of products cut especially during one harvest c. a segment or section of a meat carcass or a part of one d. a group of animals selected from a herd e. share <
took his cut of the profits
4. a voluntary absence from a class 5. a. a stroke that cuts a ball; also the spin imparted by such a stroke b. a swing by a batter at a pitched baseball c. an exchange of captures in checkers 6. a result of editing: as a. an abrupt transition from one sound or image to another in motion pictures, radio, or television b. an edited version of a film 7. a. the shape and style in which a thing is cut, formed, or made <
clothes of the latest cut
b. pattern, type c. haircut III. adjective marked by a well-developed and highly defined musculature <
cut abs

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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