noun Etymology: New Latin Date: 1954 the reoccurrence of stenosis in a blood vessel or heart valve after it has been treated with apparent success

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Restenosis — literally means the reoccurrence of stenosis, a narrowing of a blood vessel, leading to restricted blood flow. Restenosis usually pertains to an artery or other large blood vessel that has become narrowed, received treatment to clear the blockage …   Wikipedia

  • restenosis — Recurrence of stenosis after corrective surgery on the heart valve; narrowing of a structure (usually a coronary artery) following the removal or reduction of a previous narrowing. [re , + G. stenosis, a narrowing] * * * re·ste·no·sis .res tə nō… …   Medical dictionary

  • restenosis — n. recurrent stenosis, usually in a blood vessel after such procedures as angioplasty or insertion of a stent. Restenosis can complicate 20–50% of such procedures …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • restenosis — Re occlusion of coronary arteries after angioplasty (PTCA) or after replacement with blood vessels from elsewhere. Probably due to excessive proliferation of vascular smooth muscle that inappropriately thickens the intima and narrows the lumen …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • restenosis — noun ɹɛstɛˈnəʊsɪsˌɹiːstɛˈnəʊsɪs The recurrence of stenosis, especially that of an artery …   Wiktionary

  • restenosis — re·ste·no·sis …   English syllables

  • restenosis — ˌrestə̇ˈnōsə̇s, ˌrē noun Etymology: re + stenosis : the reoccurrence of stenosis in a blood vessel or heart valve after it has been treated with apparent success …   Useful english dictionary

  • true restenosis — restenosis occurring after complete opening of one or both of the commissures of the cardiac valve involved …   Medical dictionary

  • false restenosis — stenosis recurring after failure to divide either commissure of the cardiac valve beyond the area of incision of the papillary muscles …   Medical dictionary

  • рестеноз — (restenosis; ре + стеноз) повторное сужение просвета какого либо органа после его расширения оперативным путем …   Большой медицинский словарь

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