adjective Etymology: heter- + -logous (as in homologous) Date: 1893 derived from a different species <
heterologous DNAs
heterologous transplants
heterologously adverb

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Heterologous — Het er*ol o*gous, a. [Hetero + Gr. ? proportion.] Characterized by heterology; consisting of different elements, or of like elements in different proportions; different; opposed to homologous; as, heterologous organs. [1913 Webster] {Heterologous …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • heterologous — [het΄ər äl′ə gəs] adj. [< HETERO + Gr logos, relation, word (see LOGIC) + OUS] 1. consisting of differing elements; not corresponding, as parts of different organisms or of the same organism that are unlike in structure or origin 2. Med. a)… …   English World dictionary

  • Heterologous — In medicine a heterologous transplant means between species or from one species to another .In protein quaternary structure a heterologous interface is a subunit subunit interface which occurs between different sequence regions of the protein… …   Wikipedia

  • heterologous — 1. Pertaining to cytologic or histologic elements occurring where they are not normally found. SEE ALSO: xenogeneic. 2. Derived from an animal of a different species, as the serum of a horse is h. for a rabbit. [hetero + G. logos, ratio,… …   Medical dictionary

  • heterologous — Derived from the tissues or DNA of a different species. cf autologous, homologous …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • heterologous — /het euh rol euh geuhs/, adj. 1. Biol. of different origin; pertaining to heterology. 2. Med., Pathol. consisting of dissimilar tissue, as that of another species or that of a tumor. 3. Immunol. pertaining to an antigen that elicits a reaction in …   Universalium

  • heterologous — adjective a) Having different relationships or different elements b) Of, or relating to different species Ant: homologous, autologous …   Wiktionary

  • heterologous —    Refers to segments of DNA derived from different sources …   Forensic science glossary

  • heterologous — adj. of or taken from a different species …   English contemporary dictionary

  • heterologous — [ˌhɛtə rɒləgəs] adjective chiefly Medicine & Biology not homologous. Derivatives heterology noun …   English new terms dictionary

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