noun Etymology: ultimately from coll- + Greek embolos wedge, stopper — more at embolus Date: 1873 springtailcollembolan or collembolous adjective

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • collembolan — [kə lem′bō lən] n. [< ModL Collembola (< Gr kolla, glue + embolon, a peg, akin to embolos, a wedge: see EMBOLUS) + AN] SPRINGTAIL …   English World dictionary

  • collembolan — /keuh lem beuh leuhn/, adj. 1. Also, collembolous. belonging or pertaining to the insect order Collembola, comprising the springtails. n. 2. a collembolan insect; springtail. [1870; < NL Collembol(a) order name (equiv. to Gk kóll(a) glue + émbola …   Universalium

  • collembolan — col•lem•bo•lan [[t]kəˈlɛm bə lən[/t]] adj. 1) ent Also, col•lem′bo•lous. belonging or pertaining to the insect order Collembola, comprising the springtails 2) ent a collembolan insect; springtail • Etymology: 1870; < NL Collembol(a) (< Gk… …   From formal English to slang

  • collembolan — noun Any insect of the order Collembola; the springtails …   Wiktionary

  • collembolan — col·lem·bo·lan …   English syllables

  • collembolan — /kəˈlɛmbələn/ (say kuh lembuhluhn) noun 1. a member of the Collembola, an order of small wingless insects; springtail. –adjective 2. belonging to the Collembola …   Australian English dictionary

  • collembolan — noun any of numerous minute wingless primitive insects possessing a special abdominal appendage that allows the characteristic nearly perpetual springing pattern; found in soil rich in organic debris or on the surface of snow or water • Syn:… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • apterygote — /ap ter i goht , ap teuhr /, adj. belonging or pertaining to the Apterygota, a subclass of primitive wingless insects that undergo little or no metamorphosis. Also, apterygotous /ap ter i goh teuhs/. [ < NL Apterygota name of the subclass, equiv …   Universalium

  • Springtail — Springtails Temporal range: Early Devonian–Recent …   Wikipedia

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