Eat Shit and Die

Infobox Album
Name = Eat Shit And Die
Type = Compilation album
Artist = Venetian Snares and DJ Fishead

Released = 1998
Recorded =
Genre = Various
Length = approx. 60:00
Label = Self-Released
Producer = Aaron Funk
Last album =
This album = "Eat Shit And Die"
Next album =

Eat Shit And Die is a 1998 combination Venetian Snares album and compilation done by DJ Fishead. It was self-released in cassette form.

Track listing

ide A (Eat Shit)

#"Racked By Rope"- by The Evolution Control Committee
#"Motherfucker"- by Beck
#"Sonic"- by Masonna
#"Purity"- by DJ Sandman
#"Pitch-Hiker"- by Pilldriver
#"Comatone"- by Ed Rush
#"All By Yourself"- by Rude 66
#"Jungle Track"- by Unibomber
#"Parano Gabber"- byTripod System
#"Dermal Plating"- by Nasenbluten
#"Le Bal Des Sardines"- by Pi Max
#"Warmak"- by Tieum
#"Controle De Police"- by Pi Max
#"An untitled track by Kate Mosh"
#"Necros"- by Nasenbluten
#"Hate Tank"- by Delta 9
#"Mind Silence"- by Dr. Butcher M.D.
#"The Crusher's Bassdrum"- by Crusher
#"An untitled track by DJ Freak"
#"Sixteen O Sixty Three"- by Merzbow

ide B (Die)

"All Tracks on Side B by Venetian Snares"
#Coming In The Graveyard
#It Is Raw
#It Could Be Numb
#Demon Dancing Mama Bear
#Crack The Foundation
#Jungle Animals 666
#Personal Discourse
#Boiled Angel
#Fuck A Stranger In The Ass


[ track listing]
[] -contains list of cassettes by Venetian Snares.

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