Battle of Tigranocerta

Kurdoghlian, Mihran (1994). "Badmoutioun Hayots, Volume I" ("History of the Armenians"). Athens, Greece: Hradaragoutioun Azkayin Oussoumnagan Khorhourti, pp. 67-76.] In 68, Lucullus' forces' began to mutiny, longing to return home, and he withdrew his forces from Armenia the following year. [Sherwin-White. "Lucullus", p. 243. ]

The battle is highlighted by many historians specifically because Lucullus overcame the numerical odds facing his army. The Italian philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli remarked upon the battle in his book, "The Art of War", where he critiqued Tigranes' heavy reliance on his cavalry over his infantry. [citebook|authorlink=Niccolo Machiavelli|author=Machiavelli, Niccolo|title=The Art of War|editor=Trans. by Christopher Lynch.|location=Chicago|publisher=University Of Chicago Press|year=2005|pages=p. 40|isbn=0-2265-0046-2]


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