List of environmental periodicals

This is a list of environmental periodicals.

*"Alternatives Journal" -- based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
*"Applied and Environmental Microbiology" -- published by the American Society for Microbiology
*"Biophile" -- a bimonthly South African magazine
*"" -- run by graduate students at the University of Montana
*"Carbon Balance and Management (journal)" -- published by BioMed Central
*"Checkerspot" -- published by the Canadian Wildlife Federation
*"Chemosphere (journal)" -- published by Elsevier, based in Amsterdam
*"Chinadialogue" -- based in London and Beijing
*"E/The Environmental Magazine" -- published by Earth Action Network, Inc.
*"Ecology" -- published by the Ecological Society of America
*"ECOS" -- quarterly journal of the British Association of Nature Conservationists
*"ECOS (CSIRO magazine)" -- an Australian environmental magazine
*"Energy and Environment" -- edited by a professor at the University of Hull in England
*"Environmental Research Letters (ERL)" -- based at the University of California, Berkeley, USA
*"Environmental Science & Technology" -- published by the American Chemical Society
*"Environmental Values (EV)" -- edited in Lancashire, England
*"European Nuclear Disarmament Journal" -- discontinued; bi-monthly magazine of the European Nuclear Disarmament group in the United Kingdom
*"Fordham Environmental Law Review (ELR) -- published by Fordham University in the United States
*"" -- published in Sydney, Australia
*"Global Environmental Politics" -- published by the MIT Press
*"Grist Magazine" (online magazine) -- headquartered in Seattle, Washington
*"Hawaii Island Journal" -- published on the Big Island of Hawaii
*"Journal of Ecology" -- published bi-monthly on behalf of the British Ecological Society and focused on plant ecology
*"Landscope" -- the quarterly journal of Western Australia's Department of Environment and Conservation
*"Mother Earth News" -- based in Topeka, Kansas
*"Natural Life (magazine)" -- based in Canada and owned by Life Media
*"New York State Conservationist" -- published by New York's Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
*"Organic Matters" -- published by the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association
*"Orion (magazine)" -- published by the Orion Society and based in Great Barrington, Massachusetts
*"Review of Environmental Economics and Policy" -- the official "accessible" journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE)
*"The Ecologist" -- a monthly British magazine
*"The ENDS Report" -- based in the UK and published by Environmental Data Services Ltd
*"The Green Guide" -- produced by the National Geographic Society
*"" -- published approximately once a year by Antioch University New England (ANE)
*"Wild Earth" -- discontinued; published in the United States
*"Worldchanging" -- launched in San Francisco; moved to Seattle, Washington
*"Xover" -- edited in Bangalore, India

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