Squire Trelawney

Squire John Trelawney is a supporting character from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island. He is a bombastic and excitable landowner who is sought out by the book's heroic protagonist, Jim Hawkins as a sanctuary from pirates who seek the treasure map that has fallen into Hawkins' possession. He bankrolls the expedition to the eponymous Treasure Island, and escapes injury to survive to the story's victorious conclusion; the defeat of the pirates and the safe return to England with the treasure.

He is described thus:

He was a tall man, over six feet high, and broad in proportion, and he had a bluff, rough-and-ready face, all roughened and reddened and lined in his long travels. His eyebrows were very black, and moved readily, and this gave him a look of some temper, not bad, you would say, but quick and high.

The squire keeps several servants; his Gamekeeper Thomas Redruth and his manservants Richard Joyce and John Hunter all join the expedition to treasure island, and are all killed, to the squire's evident grief;

The squire dropped down beside him on his knees and kissed [Thomas Redruth's] hand, crying like a child..."Tom," said the squire, "say you forgive me, won't you?"

Although the squire is financier of the expedition and appears to be the social better of all others aboard the ship, he is privately dismissed on several occasions due to his evident failings

I could see that neither he nor the captain paid much regard to Mr. Trelawney's protestations. Neither did I, to be sure, he was so loose a talker

When the pirate mutiny has been defeated, the repentant leader of the mutineers, Long John Silver, seeks absolution from Trelawney, whereupon we see the squire's feelings towards the doubly-traitorous Silver;

"John Silver," he said, "you're a prodigious villain and imposter—a monstrous imposter, sir. I am told I am not to prosecute you. Well, then, I will not. But the dead men, sir, hang about your neck like mill-stones."

"Thank you kindly, sir," replied Long John, again saluting.

"I dare you to thank me!" cried the squire. "It is a gross dereliction of my duty. Stand back."

Squire Trelawney is said by the narrator Jim Hawkins to have had an equal share of the treasure, and to have instigated the writing of the story.

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