Frater Albertus

Frater Albertus

Frater Albertus Spagyricus (Dr. Albert Richard Riedel) (1911–1984); founder of the Paracelsus Research Society in Salt Lake City, which later evolved into the Paracelsus College. Based on the Paracelsian concept of three essentials, Body, Soul and Spirit, Frater Albertus developed a system of teaching alchemical concepts using the spagyric technique of separation and cohobation. The unique gradated courses allowed students to explore aspects of the vegetable, mineral and animal kingdoms in an understandable and accessible way. Previous to this, one had to be a member of a fraternity or secret society in order to gain access to structured teaching. After his death in 1984, the college ceased operations in the United States but continued to carry on the tradition in Australia. Frater Albertus had a profound effect on the way Alchemy and particularly the Spagyric method was disseminated and understood in the mid to late 20th century. His works were translated into many languages.

Written works

* Drei Novellen 1932
* Dachstubenverse eines Ausgewanderten (Attic Poems of an Emigrant)

If you can read German, this little volume of collected poems by Frater Albertus, published in Switzerland under his real name, Albert Riedel, are more than just some poems and reach far beyond moments of introspection. Like notes following each other reaching a crescendo of symphonic dimensions it is not common poetry but reveals an allegoric lyric of poetic autobiography. It is not just the sound of poetic harmony alone but the entire structure becomes a bouquet of flowers where color and scent elevates the reader into a realm, like in the 'Hymn to Night' where the poet becomes the messenger, and the music of the sphere enraptures the reader. (Reviewed by Carl F. Frey.)

Published by Reflexe Verlag, Blumenstrasse 30, 9403 Goldach, Switzerland.

* The Alchemist's Handbook 1960
* From One to Ten 1966
* Praxis Spagyrica Philosophia (Leipzig, 1711) (1966 PRS limited ed. 500 copies) 1998 Weiser with From One to Ten
* The Seven Rays of the QBL (1st. Ed. 1981.) 1985 Weiser
* Praktische Alchemie im Zwanzigsten Jahrhundert 1970 PRS (German)
* Men and Cycles of the Universe 1970
* The Alchemist of the Rocky Mountains 1976 PRS (limited edition 500 copies)
* Gently I Answered and Said 1978 PRS (limited edition 500 copies)

Associated works

* Parachemy 1973 – 1979
* Parachemica 1976 - 1980 P.R.S. (Aust.)
* Essentia 1980 - 1984
* AMO 1983 Paracelsus College; First English translation from German by Robert Firmage; introduction by Frater Albertus
* Golden Manuscripts 1973-74 Para Publishers

Translations (provisional list)


*Praktische Alchemie im Zwanzigsten Jahrhundert 1970 PRS
*Der Mensch und die kosmischen Zyklen 1971
*Von Eins bis Zehn 1972
*Der Alchemist aus den Rocky Mountains 1980
*Die Sieben Strahlen der Q.B.L. 1973
* [Gently 1979?]


*Le Manuel de l'Alchimiste translator Denis Claing; Les Ateliers du MAAT/ L.P.N


*Manual del Alquimista 1980
*El Hombre y los Ciclos del Universo


*Manuale dell’Alchimista 1978 Astrolabio

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