List of climate change topics

This is a list of climate change topics.



100,000-year problem


Abrupt climate change -
Albedo -
Antarctica cooling controversy -
Antarctic Cold Reversal -
Antarctic oscillation -
Anthropogenic -
Anthropogenic climate change -
Arctic oscillation -
Antarctica cooling controversy -
Atlantic oscillation -
Arctic shrinkage -
Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation -
Atmospheric circulation -
Atmospheric sciences -
Atmospheric window -
Attribution of recent climate change


Bali Communiqué -
Bali roadmap -
Black carbon


Callendar effect -
Cap and Share -
Carbon capture and storage -
Carbon cycle -
Carbon negative -
Carbon neutral -
Carbon project -
Carbon sequestration -
Carbon offset -
Carbon sink -
Carbon tax -
Clathrate gun hypothesis -
Clean coal technology -
Clean Energy Trends -
Climate -
Climate change -
Climate change denial -
Climate change in popular culture -
Climate commitment -
Climate cycle -
Climate ethics -
Climate Investment Funds -
Climate model -
Climate refugee -
Climate risk management -
Climate sensitivity -
Climate surprise -
Climate variability -
Cloud feedback -
Coal phase out -
Cool tropics paradox




Eco-efficiency -
Early anthropocene -
Earth's atmosphere -
Earth's energy budget -
EarthLab -
Earth Hour -
Earthshine -
East Antarctic Ice Sheet -
Ecotax -
Effects of climate change on marine mammals -
Efficient energy use -
El Niño (ENSO) -
Emission Reduction Unit -
Emission inventory -
Emission standards -
Emissions trading -
Energie-Cités -
Energy Autonomy -
Energy conservation -
Energy forestry -
Enteric fermentation -
Environmental crime -
European Climate Forum


Fossil fuel -
Fossil fuel power plant -


G8+5 -
GHG Vehicle Test Group -
Global Change Master Directory -
Global climate model -
Global cooling -
Global climate model, also General Circulation Model or GCM -
Global dimming -
Global warming -
Global warming controversy -
Global warming period -
Global warming potential -
Greenhouse and Icehouse Earth -
Greenhouse debt -
Greenhouse effect -
Greenhouse gas -
Greenhouse gas accounting -
Greenhouse gas inventory -
Greenleap Strategic Institute -
Gulf Stream


Holocene climatic optimum -
Heiligendamm Process -
Hockey stick controversy -
Holocene -
Holocene Climatic Optimum


Ice age -
Ice core -
Ice sheet dynamics -
Insolation -
Instrumental temperature record -
Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation -
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -
IPCC list of greenhouse gases -


Keeling Curve -
Kyoto Protocol


Little Ice Age -
List of countries by greenhouse gas emissions per capita -
List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions per capita -
List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions -
Low-carbon emission -


Magnetosphere -
Maunder Minimum -
Mauna Loa -
Medieval climate optimum -
Meteorology -
Methane -
Mitigation of global warming


Nitrous oxide (N2O) -
North Atlantic Deep Water -
North Atlantic oscillation -
Northwest Passage


Older Dryas -
Oldest Dryas -
Ozone depletion


Pacific decadal oscillation -
Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project -
Paleothermometer -
Planetary engineering -
Parameterization -
Peak oil -
Phenology -
Polar amplification -


Quasi-biennial oscillation


Radiative forcing -
Renewable energy -
Renewable energy commercialization -
Runaway greenhouse effect

Sahara pump theory -
Satellite temperature measurements -
Sea level rise -
Slash and burn -
Snowball Earth -
Solar shade -
Solar variation -


Table of Historic and Prehistoric Climate Indicators -
Temperature record of the past 1000 years -
Temperature record since 1880 -
Thermohaline circulation -
Timeline of glaciation -
TEX-86 -
Thermocline -
Tipping point (climatology)


Urban heat island


Water World -
West Antarctic Ice Sheet -
World climate research programme

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