List of companies of Puerto Rico

List of companies of Puerto Rico

This is a list of companies from Puerto Rico.

Agriculture, livestock, and food processing

*Café Rico (coffee producer)
*Café Hacienda San Pedro (coffee grower/producer/exporter)
*Café Yaucono (coffee producer)
*Pollos Picu (chicken food manufacturer)
*Procesadora Campofresco, Inc. (juice company)
*To-Rico (chicken food manufacturer)

Air travel

*Air Culebra (airline)
*Fina Air (airline)
*M&N Aviation (airline)
*Prinair (airline)
*Roblex Aviation (airline)
*Tol Air (cargo airline)
*Vieques Air Link (airline)


*Caribbean Cinemas (movie theater chain)
*Cinevista (movie theater chain)
*XTest (movie theater chain)


*M-TACS, Inc/ Ivette Mejias/ Mejias Tutoring and Consulting Services, Inc (M-TACS,INC)
*Lemrs corp./Learning & Educational Medical Response Services (continued education for health profetionals)

Financial institutions

*Banco Popular De Puerto Rico (BPPR)
*Doral Financial Corporation
*First BanCorp
*Island Finance (money loaner)
*Oriental Financial Group, Inc.
*RG Financial Corporation
*Westernbank (Bank)


*Hospital San Pablo
*Doctor's Hospital
*Auxilio Mutuo
*Pavia Hospital
Hospital Metropolitano Cayetano Coll y Toste
Hospital Metropolitano Dr Susoni

Publishing and printing

*Casiano Communications
*El Nuevo Dia (newspapers)
*Primera Hora (newspapers)
*El Vocero (newspapers)
*The San Juan Star
*Vea (magazines)


*Antojitos.Com (online shopping)
*Casa De Los Tapes (music store - Went to Bankruptcy in 2005)
*Disco Music Center, Inc.(music store)
*Condom World (chain of sex and lifestyles stores)
*Me Salve (store chain)
*1 2 3 Corp / Tiendas $1$2$3 (store chain)
*Tiendas Kress (store chain)
*Pitusa (store chain)
*Puerto Rico Online Store
*Tiendas Topeka (store chain)
*Rainbow Shops (Clothing store chain)
*579 (Clothing store chain)


*Pueblo Supermarkets
*Supermercados Grande (Food Retailer)
*Mr. Special


*Super Siete (television channel)
*Telemundo Puerto Rico (television channel)
*Univision Puerto Rico WLII (television channel)
*Televideo (video store chain)
*Televicentro (television channel)


* (M-TACS, INC)(Aguadilla, P.R.)
*LEMRS corp./Learning & Educational Medical Response Services (continued education for health students & profetionals)

Web Design & Development

*Puerto Rico Web design - []

Wholsale, distribution, and logistics

*B. Fernandez (liquor distributor)
*Roger Electric (electrical distributor)
*V. Suarez & Co. (food distributor)


*Agencias Bithorn (travel agency)
*Ajili Mojili (restaurant)
*Bacardi (liquor producer)
*Casas Massó (hardware & house building)
*Buxeda (funeral home)
*Filler (food snacks maker)
*Ehret (funeral home)
*Enfasis Puerto Rico (research and program evaluation)
*Frater Food Service (owner of restaurants)
*Interactivus (SMS/MMS content development and SMS/MMS management)
* (webhosting)
*McMartin Engineering Corp ( - IT & Business Consultants)
*National Ballet Theater of Puerto Rico (Balleteatro Nacional de Puerto Rico), (ballet company)
*Promotores Latinos (show business company)
*Serralles (liquor maker)

*Super Siete (television channel)
*Telemundo Puerto Rico (television channel)

*Televideo (video store chain)
*WAPA-TV (television channel)

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