Political division

A political division is a term of art of geography defining the concept of a geographic region accepted to be in the jurisdiction of a particular government entity. The particular government entity varies as each organizes it's operations by further divisions (subdivisions of the state) to further it's tasks and satisfy its responsibilities.

On the large scale, a political division is typically a country, while on a smaller scale political divisions sometimes called administrative divisions include: Ibullstates, Ibullcounties, or Parishes Ibulldistricts or provinces Ibullcities and towns I as well as smaller municipalities such as boros, towns, townships, districts, provinces, and other similar names which are also defined by the cognizant nation-state. Other names for such units in various contexts include "Subnational entity", "administrative unit", "administrative area", "province", "district" and "regional government". Overall, all such distinctions are also called subnational entities by the United Nations. It is common to see political divisions drawn out on political maps.

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