Medellin, Cebu

Medellin, Cebu
—  Municipality  —
Country  Philippines
Region Central Visayas (Region VII)
Province Cebu
 - Mayor Ricardo Ramirez
Population (2007)
 - Total 44,860
Time zone PHT (UTC+8)
ZIP Code 6012

Medellin is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 44,860 people.


The municipality of Medellin is one of the nine municipalities comprising the 4th Congressional District of Cebu Province. It is approximately located 119.86 kilometers from Cebu City via Barangay Curva and 113.3 kilometers via barangay Luy-a. The town is bounded on the north by the municipality of DaanBantayan; on the south by the municipalities of Bogo and San Remegio; on the east by the Camotes Sea and on the west by the Tañon Strait.

The municipality is geographically situated between coordinates 123º 52” and 123º 59” latitudes and 11º 12” and 11º 10” longitudes. Based on cadastral survey, the municipality of Medellin has a total land area of 7, 382.33 hectares covering 19 barangays.


The name Medellin is of Spanish or Latin American origin which can be traced to a city with the same name in Colombia, South America. As a historical background, Medellin became a municipality by virtue of a royal decree promulgated by Queen Isabel of Spain on September 9, 1881.

Medellin was formerly part of the town of Daanbantayan. As a town, it started with 3 barangays only, namely; Kawit and Buenavista in the west coast, and Tindog in the east coast. Kawit, being the biggest and progressive barangay at that time, became the first seat of government. But because of its deep shore water, the area was prone to pirates. As a consequence, the seat of government was then transferred to Buenavista (Daanlungsod). However, in view of its shallow shore water, traders and merchants found it difficult in transporting their goods to and from Buenavista. A distance away south of Buenavista, there was a place called Tawagan which was later found out as the projected and ideal site for trade and commerce. When the seat of government was transferred to Tawagan, the new Poblacion was then called Medellin. This is when and how Medellin came to existence.

What is Medellin today has been the product of evolution molded by the following town heads:

As Capitan during the Spanish period; Tiburcio Osabel, Ramon Ybanez, Flores Rosos, Felix Perez, Mariano Montesclaros, Melecio Montesclaros, Felomino Montesclaros, Juan Rubio; As Presidents during the American period; Victor Tumulak, Julian Tumulak, Pedro Perez, Marcos Muñasque; and As mayors; Jose Ancajas (1934-40), Julian Tumulak (1941-42), Jose Gelig (1942-44), Ignacio Rodriguez (1945-46), Sabas Quijano (1946-55), Maximo Dublin (1956-69), Alfonso Lim (1969), Cipriano Noynay (1969-79), Joven Mondigo (1980-86), Catalina Dublin (OIC/1986-87), Froilan Quijano (OIC/1987), Artemio Gimenez (Caretaker, December 1987- February 1988), Joven Mondigo (1988- 98), Manreza Lim (1998-2007), and Ricardo R. Ramirez (2007-present):

At present, the Medellin local officials are as follows:


  • Ricardo R. Ramirez - Municipal Mayor
  • Juan Alfonso Lim - Municipal Vice Mayor
  • Joevenus Inot - SB Member
  • Dioscoro Suan - SB Member
  • Benjie Ygot - SB Member
  • Horacio Franco - SB Member
  • Conrado Mangubat - SB Member
  • Rolando N. Pedroza - SB Member
  • Joseph Dublin - SB Member
  • Jose Mari Osmeña - SB Member
  • Leonardo V. Montilla - Liga President
  • Kendrick Allen Lim - SKF President


  • Randy C. Perez - SB Secretary
  • Giles Anthony Villamor - MPDC
  • Rene G. Rosell - Mun. Engineer
  • Ruth S. Gillamac - Mun. Treasurer
  • Ademar Andales - Mun. Assessor
  • Alan dela Rama - Mun. Accountant
  • Michelle Lobitaña - Acting Mun. Budget Officer
  • Helen J. Tafalla - Local Civil Registrar
  • Edward Baring - Mun. Agri. Officer
  • Henrette Jude Palileo - Acting Mun. Health Officer
  • Giovanni Desabelle - General Services Officer
  • Jonathan Rosette - DSWD Liaison Officer

As a municipality which has gone through almost 130 years of existence, Medellin today stands proudly as one of the municipalities of Cebu Province. Through the years, it has grown in all aspects of town-building. Every aspect is notable in the light of the transformation of its people and the present physical attribute of the town itself.


Medellin is administratively subdivided into 19 barangays.

  • Antipolo
  • Curva
  • Daanlungsod
  • Dalingding Sur
  • Dayhagon
  • Gibitngil
  • Canhabagat
  • Caputatan Norte
  • Caputatan Sur
  • Kawit
  • Lamintak Norte
  • Luy-a
  • Panugnawan
  • Poblacion
  • Tindog
  • Don Virgilio Gonzales
  • Lamintak Sur
  • Maharuhay
  • Mahawak

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