Generalized Newtonian fluid

A generalized Newtonian fluid is an idealized fluid for which the shear stress, "τ", is a function of shear rate at the particular time, but not dependent upon the history of deformation.

: au = Fleft( frac {partial u} {partial y} ight)

where:∂"u"/∂"y" is the shear rate or the velocity gradient perpendicular to the plane of shear (SI unit s−1).

The quantity

:mu_{operatorname{eff = { {F left( frac {partial u} {partial y} ight)}igg/{frac {partial u} {partial y}

represents an "apparent" or "effective viscosity" as a function of the shear rate (SI unit Pa⋅s).

The most commonly used types of generalized Newtonian fluids are:
*Power-law fluid
*Cross fluid
*Carreau fluid
*Second order fluid

ee also

*Navier-Stokes equations
*Cross fluid
*Carreau fluid
*Power-law fluid

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