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Name = Benümb
Background = group_or_band
Origin = Bay Area, United States
Genre = Grindcore
Power violence
Years_active = 1994–present
Label = Relapse
URL = []
Current_members = John Gotelli
Dave Hogarth
Paul Ponitkoff
Pete Ponitkoff
Tim Regan

Benümb is a grindcore band from Bay Area.


The band was formed in 1994 in the San Francisco Bay Area. After a year of rehearsals split with Short Hate Temper was released on the Same Day label. For the next year and a half, the band started to play lots of gigs. In 1997 Benümb have recorded and released numerous 7" records. Also that year live set at Fiesta Grande festival was recorded and released as part of the Fiesta Comes Alive! LP on Slap A Ham. 1998 was started by release several splits and Benümb's first full length album "Soul Of A Martyr". After release of "Soul Of A Martyr" the band went for couple of mini-tours of the U.S., and appeared at most of big U.S. heavy music festivals. In 2000 "Withering Strands Of Hope" CD was released. Songs at this album contains lyrics on social and political themes. Latest work, split CD with Premonitions Of War, was released in 2005 by Thorp Records.


*John Gotelli - Drums
*Dave Hogarth - Guitar
*Paul Ponitkoff - Guitar
*Pete Ponitkoff - Vocals
*Tim Regan - Bass



*1995 - "split w/ Short Hate Temper" 7" (Same Day Records)
*1997 - "split w/ Apartment 213" 7" (Stenchasaurus Records)
*1997 - "split w/ Dukes Of Hazard" 7" (Rape An Ape Records)
*1997 - "Gear In The Machine" 7" (Relapse Records)
*1998 - "Soul Of A Martyr" CD/LP (Relapse Records)
*1998 - "split w/ Suppression" 7" (Monkeybite Magazine)
*1999 - "split w/ Bad Acid Trip" 7" (X Agitate 96 X Records)
*2000 - "Withering Strands Of Hope" CD/LP (Relapse Records)
*2002 - "split w/ Agoraphobic Nosebleed" 7" (Relapse Records)
*2002 - "split w/ Pig Destroyer" CD (Robotic Empire Records)
*2003 - "By Means Of Upheaval" CD (Relapse Records)
*2005 - "split w/ Premonitions Of War" CD (Thorp Records)

Compilation appearances

*1997 - "Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - A Music War" 7" ( Slap-A-Ham Records)
*1997 - "America In Decline" LP/CD (Six Weeks Records)
*1997 - "El Guapo" CD (Same Day Records/625 Records)
*1997 - "Fiesta Comes Alive" LP/CD ( Slap-A-Ham Records)
*1997 - "No Fate" CD ()
*1998 - "Solid: Strip Mining The Underground Since 1990" CD (Relapse Records)
*1998 - "Hard Sound Part 1" CD (Trainwreck Records)
*1998 - "Contamination MCMXCVIII" CD (Relapse Records)
*1999 - "Accidental Double Homicide Vol. 4" 2x7" (Satan's Pimps Records)
*1999 - "Reality Part 3" CD/LP (Deep Six Records)
*1999 - "Relapse Sampler" CD (Relapse Records)
*1999 - "Contaminated 1999" CD (Relapse Records)
*2000 - "Barbaric Thrash Detonation" CD + 7" (625 Records)
*2000 - "Contaminated 3.0" 2xCD (Relapse Records)
*2000 - "Hurt Your Feelings" CD (Six Weeks Records)
*2000 - "Menus With Manpower" CD (KDVS Records)
*2003 - "Contaminated 5.0" 2xCD (Relapse Records)
*2001 - "Transcendental Maggot" CD (Meconium Records)

External links

* [ Official Benümb website]

* [ Benümb] @ Myspace

* [ Benümb] @ Relapse Records

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