Shastan languages

Shastan languages

The Shastan (also Sastean) family consisted of four languages, spoken in present-day northern California and southern Oregon.

Family division

# Konomihu "(†)"
# New River Shasta "(†)"
# Okwanuchu "(†)"
# Shasta (a.k.a. Shastika) "(†)"

The entire Shastan family is now extinct. Shasta was the last language that was spoken. Three elderly speakers were reported in the 1980s.

Shastan has often been considered to be in the hypothetical Hokan stock.


*Mithun, Marianne, ed. The Languages of Native North America. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999.

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* [ Native Tribes, Groups, Language Families and Dialects of California in 1770] (after Kroeber)

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