New World Order Party

New World Order
Leader Nathan Lee Couper
President Nathan Lee Couper
Deputy Justin Mclean
Founded 2006
Headquarters Bahrain country territory
Ideology New World Order
International affiliation Board and Party Membership
Official colours Black and White
MPs in the House of Representatives None
Politics of New Zealand
Political parties

The New World Order was a registered political party in New Zealand. The party was founded in 2006 by Nathan Lee Couper. Its stated goal was to bring about global peace through a unified World Government. The Chief of the WGEC is Stephanie Monique Smith.[1]

The Political Party's President and Secretary was Nathan Lee Couper and the party's International Board Manager was Justin Mclean.[2]

On 1 April 2008 the party formally applied for registration with the New Zealand Electoral Commission, which would allow it to contest the list vote.[3] It has since applied for a broadcasting allocation for the 2008 election.[4] Couper collected signatures and spare change from passersby on the street in order to satisfy the legal requirements for 500 financial members. He admitted not all 500 members actually paid a fee.[1][5]

The party was formally registered on 20 May 2008,[6] and the party also received broadcasting funding, but did not run any candidates due to lack of funds. The party did not participate in the 2008 election as it did not provide the thousand dollar deposit to nominate a party list.[1]

The candidates got extensive coverage on Eating Media Lunch, a satirical current affairs program.

In May 2010 the party registered a logo with the Electoral Commission.[7]

The party did not apply for broadcasting funding for the 2011 election, and its registration was cancelled, at the party's request, on 9 June 2011. [8]


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