Conrad II, Bishop of Hildesheim

Conrad II (or Konrad II) (late 12th century – December 18, 1249)[1] was Bishop of Hildesheim from 1221 to 1246.

He studied at the University of Paris, and is said to have taught theology there as well, and to have preached against the Albigenses. He was dean of the Speyer Cathedral from 1209 to 1216, and a scholastic at the Mainz Cathedral from 1216 to 1221, during which time he oversaw the recruitment in Germany for the Fifth Crusade.[2]

He was appointed Bishop of Hildesheim in 1221, becoming part of a new wave of bishops with a reputation for scholarship, which was at the time not common in Germany.[2] He was noted for both his ecclesiastical and temporal leadership of the bishopric.[3] During his time as bishop, he engaged in a notable disputation with Heinrich Minneke, the provost of Neuwerk, and oversaw the canonization of the recently deceased Elisabeth of Hungary, which took place in 1235. He died in 1249 in Schönau Abbey.[1]


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