Cornships Management and Agency

Cornships Management and Agency Inc.
Type Corporation[1]
Industry Ship transport[1]
Headquarters Istanbul[1], Turkey[1]
Key people Akin Falay, founder

Cornships Management and Agency Inc. often known as Cornships is a Turkish shipping company.[1] The company manages and provides agency services for the fleet owned and controlled by Corn Marine Ltd. of Malta.[1] The company specializes in dry bulk cargo.[1] Cornships is divided into four departments: operations, technical, crewing, and the commercial & agency department.[1]



Cornships Management is a privately held corporation founded by Akin Falay.[1] Falay founded the company after dissolving his partnership with Semih Sohtorik in Semih Sohtorik Management and Agency (SSMA).[1] Falay, born in 1943, is a graduate of the Law School of the University of Istanbul. He previously worked for Istanbul's Koctuc Line and in New York for eight years as the Thule Ship Agency.[2] He joined SSMA in 1977.[2]


Cornships' fleet initially consisted of three vessels, and now has seven.[1][3] The ships, categorized as minibulkers, range from 8,038 metric tons deadweight (DWT) and 9,653 DWT.[4] All the ships were built in the 1980s.[4] The cargo holds are shaped to admit intermodal containers (shipping containers), and feature large open hatchcovers, as well as tween-decks that are hinged and fold up.[4] The ships also all feature cargo cranes with a 50 metric ton capacity.[4] The ships are given names beginning with the word Corn, for example Corn Rose and Corn Diva.[4]

The fleet is broken down into two classes, the Corn Lilly class and the slightly smaller Corn Brook class.[3] The former consists of five ships, built between 1986 and 1988.[3] These have a capacity of 9,653 DWT, a gross tonnage of 5,974 tons, and a length overall of 113 metres (371 ft).[3]

The smaller Corn Brook class consists of two ships, both built in 1984.[3] These have a capacity of 8,038 DWT, a gross tonnage of 4,983 tons, and a length overall of 106.29 metres (348.7 ft).[3]

The Cornships fleet has worked in the worldwide arena, but specializes in the Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea and West African markets.[4] The company deals in cargoes such as pipe, projects, bulk-bagged cocoa, steel, bagged and general cargoes.[4]


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