Adil al-Jazeeri

Adil al-Jazeeri

Following the interrogation of Abu Naseem, Adil al-Jazeeri was arrested in Hayatabad on June 17 2003 by Pakistani forces who turned him over to the American CIA.

Jazeeri fought as a Mujahideen in the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, and lived in the country for more than fifteen years. [BBC, “ [ Pakistan Hands over al-Qaeda Suspect] ”, July 15 2003]

A former aide to the Afghan foreign minister Wakil Ahmad Mutawakkil [Nasir, Sohail Abdul Nasir. "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists" “Al Qaeda, Two Years On”, September/October 2003.] , al-Jazeeri is accused of arranging money transfers and acquiring travel visas for al-Qaeda. [BBC, "Al-Qa’idah Men Arrested in Pakistan Termed ‘Facilitators’”, July 17, 2003]

Human Rights Watch listed him as one of 39 "disappeared" detainees in 2005, whose whereabouts were unknown since being captured and sent to the CIA. [Human Rights Watch, [ List of "Ghost Prisoners" Possibly in CIA Custody] , December 1 2005]


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