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publisher = WB Games/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment [cite web|url=http://www.gamepro.com/nintendo/wii/54235/info.shtml|title="Speed Racer" Information Page|publisher=GamePro|accessdate=2008-05-19]
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released =vgrelease|NA=May 6, 2008 (Wii & DS) September 16, 2008 (PlayStation 2)|EU=May 9, 2008 (Wii & DS)|AUS=June 4, 2008 (Wii & DS)|JP=July 10, 2008 (Wii) July 24, 2008 (DS) [ [http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/wii/data/942716.html Speed Racer Info - Speed Racer Information - Speed Racer Release Date ] ]
genre = Racing
modes = Single-player, multiplayer
ratings = ESRB: E (Everyone)
platforms = Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, Wii
input = Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Wii Wheel

"Speed Racer" is a racing video game developed by Sidhe Interactive and published in-house by a new division of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, WB Games for the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 and Wii consoles. It is a tie-in to the 2008 film adaptation of the same name. [ [http://uk.gamespot.com/wii/driving/speedracer/index.html?tag=result;title;2 Speed Racer for WII - Speed Racer Wii - Speed Racer WII Game ] ] The actors from the movie reprise their role their video game counterpart. The Wii and Nintendo DS versions of the game were released May 6 2008. The PlayStation 2 version was released September 16, 2008, cite web|url=http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/ps2/speedracer |title=Speed Racer (ps2: 2008): Reviews |accessdate=2008-05-09 |publisher=Metacritic] alongside the DVD release. [citeweb|url=http://www.destructoid.com/wtf-is-car-fu-game-based-on-wachowski-s-speed-racer-film-incoming-42328.phtml|title=WTF is car-fu? Game based on Wachowski's Speed Racer film incoming|accessdate=2008-05-19|publisher=Destructoid] The music for the Wii, Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2 versions of the Speed Racer video game was composed by Winifred Phillips and produced by Winnie Waldron. [ [http://www.allgame.com/cg/agg.dll?p=agg&sql=1:53424~T3 allgame ((( Speed Racer: The Videogame > Credits ))) ] ]


The game is a racing game in the vein of the F-Zero series, including tracks full of odd twists, turns and loops impossible by realistic standards, set in five vibrant, exotic locations. The goal of the game is not only to win first place in each race, but also to have the most points by the end of the cup to win the competition. Points can be earned by placing high during races, but also by performing stunts and, most commonly, bashing into and destroying other races with the use of car acrobatics, called "car-fu" in the game. Driving well (i.e., not hitting walls, avoiding other drivers) rewards the player with a boost. Four boosts may be collected this way, and if all four boosts are used at once, the car enters a "speed zone" in which the players travels more than twice as fast as their regular top speed, and any cars hit by players in this state are significantly damaged and/or destroyed. Boosts may alternatively be used to repair the car by refilling the health meter. A full boost will repair half of the health meter, while a partially-filled boost meter will only repair a smaller amount of the meter.

Each version of the game has its own unique control method. The PS2 version uses a standard control setup, where the buttons are used for driving and attacking, while the DS uses the stylus in conjunction with the touchscreen. The Wii version can be controlled by holding the Wii Remote sideways, and also with the Wii Wheel peripheral, and is controlled by a combination of button input and motion controlls, such as waving the Wii Remote to the left or right to make the vehicle quickly slide in that direction.

There is a total of 19 selectable characters in the game, each with their own unique vehicle. Though they have individual stats, the cars themselves (including the Mach 6) do not feature unique weaponry, and are all equipped with the same spring jump as the Mach 6.


*Emile Hirsch - Speed Racer
*Matthew Fox - Racer X
*Christina Ricci - Trixie
*E.G. Daily - Rosey Blaze
*Phil LaMarr - Snake Oiler
*Grey DeLisle - Esther 'Rev' Reddy
*Tia Texada - Denise Mobile
*James Arnold Taylor - Jack 'Cannonball' Taylor
*Debra Wilson - Booster Mbube
*Fred Tatasciore - Nitro Venderhoss
*Nicholas Guest - Gothorm Danneskjold
*Ron Yuan - Kakoii Teppodama
*Ben Diskin - Taejo Togokahn
*David Boat - Sonic 'Boom Boom' Renaldi
*Charity James - Sam 'Lightning' Storm
*Julie Nathanson - Kellie 'Gearbox' Kalinkov
*Julianne Buescher - Mariana Zanja
*Darryl Kurylo - Prince Kabala


According to the game's official trailer, the game actually takes place one year after the events of the movie, which explains why Trixie is now racing, despite her never actually having a car in the movie (however, she does show that she has driving skills in the movie).

Critical reception

The Wii version received an average score of 68% based on 7 reviews on the review aggregator Game Rankingscite web|url=http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/942716.asp |title=Speed Racer Reviews (Wii) |accessdate=2008-05-13 |publisher=Game Rankings] , and an average score of 69 out of 100 based on 6 reviews on Metacritic — indicating mixed or average reviews.cite web|url=http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/wii/speedracer |title=Speed Racer (wii: 2008): Reviews |accessdate=2008-05-13 |publisher=Metacritic]

The Nintendo DS version received an average score of 78% based on 2 reviews on the review aggregator Game Rankings.cite web|url=http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/942717.asp |title=Speed Racer Reviews (DS |accessdate=2008-05-13 |publisher=Game Rankings]


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