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BlueFish TV is a non-profit Christian video publishing company based in Richardson, Texas. Bluefish TV works with well-known Christian speakers and authors like Erwin McManus, Don Miller, Margaret Feinberg, Doug Fields, Jars of Clay, Mercy Me, Les Parrott, Louie Giglio, Third Day, and Chris Tomlin to produce small group studies and video illustrations that help people teach in their church.


Bluefish TV was started in 1987 when Marty Mosley, the President of Bluefish TV, and his wife Jackie Mosley began writing and producing video-based Bible studies specifically for youth groups and young adults. Since then over 92,000 churches have used one of 45 small group Bible study resources or one of the 600 video clips that have been produced by their team. [ [ Youth Ministry Leaders Unite] ]

In the last few years many pastors and teachers began using media in their large gatherings and Bluefish TV responded by adding over 600 of these video clips, most notably one of a little girl reciting Psalms 23 [ [ Behold the little child with a smile and a psalm] ] that was viewed over 5 million times on viral video sites [ [ Little Girl and Psalms 23 on God Tube] ] and received attention on ABC’s Nightline and Focus on the Family through the rise of GodTube. [ [ CBS News Video - Viral Videos Spread the Word Little Girl and Psalms 23 on GodTube ] ] [ [ Watch GodTube, get Net religion] ]

In 2000, Bluefish TV launched the Rightnow Campaign, which is led by Marty’s son, Brian Mosley. The Rightnow Campaign helps connect young adults to specific ministry opportunities overseas based on the person’s passions, skills and experience. [ [ Christianity Today - Twenty Somethings for the Lord] ] In May 2007 Bluefish TV was named by the as one of the “25 Most Admired Kingdom Companies”. [ [ Business as Mission Network – Most Admired Kingdom Company #11: Bluefish TV ] ]


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