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Goy Advanced Automobile Pty. Ltd. is an Australian Project Group currently developing High Performance Vehicles. Established in May 2006, the group is based in Sydney, where the Group is in the early stages of establishing an automobile manufacturing centre due for completion by the year 2012.


Goy Advanced Automobile Pty. Ltd. was incorporated as an Australian Company in May 2006, with the Development Project officially commencing in November 2006. The group exists on a collaborative basis, with numerous members contributing towards the project. Since inception, the Group has developed 38 Concept Vehicles, with the leading concepts from each year presented in an annual collection of models.

‘Lightweight Race Enhanced Vehicles’

Goy Advanced Automobile summarizes the core philosophy behind its vehicles in the phrase ‘Lightweight Race Enhanced Vehicles’, or LREVs. A variation on the loosely defined category of High Performance Vehicles, Goy ambitiously defines their vision of LREVs in 5 key areas: [ [http://www.goy.com.au/philosophy.html Goy Advanced Automobiles Design and Engineering] . Retrieved 20 April 2008]
*Lightest in class
*Sub 5 seconds acceleration from 0-100km/h
*Great ride and handling
*Excellent fuel efficiency
*Prominent styling

These key strategic functions are the main features of Goy’s concept vehicles, which in turn will make their way into the production vehicles by 2012.



Goy Automobiles follow a simple nomenclature in the naming of many of the 2008 Concept Vehicles; a single letter followed by a number. The letter indicates the body type, while the number indicates the wheelbase. The system of letter and number is as follows:

Body Type:
*S = Sedan
*H = Hatchback
*K = Convertible
*C = Coupe
*L = Lifestyle vehicle

*1 = Long
*2 = Medium
*3 = Compact/Small

For example, the Goy S1 a long wheel base sedan.


The Goy S1 Concept is a full-size LREV. In terms of size, the S1 concept is positioned in direct competition with the range topping full size luxury vehicles offered by other prestige carmakers (including the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8, Lexus LS). Whilst the S1 competes with alternative models on the market in terms of Luxury Motoring, the concept importantly represents the introduction of several significant performance advancements which are common to all the Goy concept vehicles, including an ultra-lightweight composite construction, rally-tuned ride and handling, and rapid acceleration (0-100km/h in less than 5 seconds) as claimed on the Goy Website. [ [http://www.goy.com.au/s1.html Goy Advanced Automobile S1] . Retrieved 20 April 2008]


The Goy S2 Concept is an executive LREV. Though similar in size to the many premium-brand competitors in this segment (including the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6, Lexus ES), like the S1, the S2 showcases a number of ambitious and unique attributes including an ultra-lightweight composite construction, very fast acceleration (0-100km/h in less than 5 seconds) and a rally-tuned drive system. [ [http://www.goy.com.au/s2.html Goy Advanced Automobile S2] Retrieved 20 April 2008]


The Goy K2 Concept is a Convertible LREV. Ambitiously, the convertible will feature four doors – a body style rarely seen on the modern market. The K2 will feature the Hallmark Goy attributes of composite construction, rally-tuned high speed performance, and extensive use of cutting edge technology including LED lighting systems. [ [http://www.goy.com.au/s1.html Goy Advanced Automobile K2] . Retrieved 20 April 2008] Due to the unique body style, the K2 has few clear competitors, and enters a niche-market similar to that of the Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive Concept.


The H2 Concept is a mid-size luxury Hatchback style LREV. Similar in size to the entry level luxury models from other premium carmakers (including the BMW 1 Series, Audi A3), the H2 possesses features common with other Goy Concept vehicles including lightweight composite construction, rapid acceleration and a rally tuned drive system. [ [http://www.goy.com.au/s1.html Goy Advanced Automobile H2] . Retrieved 20 April 2008]


The H2 Concept is a Sub-compact LREV. Its features include ambitious performance figures, superior drivability and the hallmark Goy features of lightweight composite construction, and a high-speed rally tuned drive system. [ [http://www.goy.com.au/s1.html Goy Advanced Automobile H3] . Retrieved 20 April 2008]

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External links

* [http://www.goy.com.au/ Official Goy Advanced Automobile Website]
* [http://goyrevolution.deviantart.com/ Concept Art on DeviantArt Community]

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