3 Lasbela District

Lasbela District

Infobox Pakistan district
district = Lasbela District
area = 12,574
capital = Uthal
population = 312917
pop_year = 2005 Estimate
density = 29.02
established = June 1954 [ [http://www.lasbeladistrictgovt.com/history/history.htm History of Lasbela - Las Bela District Government] ]
nazim = Prince Jam Kamal Khan
naib_nazim = Muhammad Ibrahim Doda
seats =
tehsils = 9
languages =Sindhi, Balochi
website = www.lasbeladistrictgovt.com


Lasbela is a coastal district of Balochistan province of Pakistan. It became a separate district in Kalat division on 30th June 1954. The name is derived from the words "Las" which signifies a "plain", the greater part of the area being a flat plain, and "Bela" which means "jungle" and is also the name of the principal town of the district. Uthal is the district headquarters. The district is divided into 9 Tehsil and 21 union councils.


The district of Lasbela is administratively subdivided into four tehsils, these are: [ [http://www.nrb.gov.pk/lg_election/union.asp?district=81&dn=Lasbella Tehsils & Unions in the District of Lasbella - Government of Pakistan] ]

* Bela
* Dureji
* Hub
* Uthal


Alexander the Great passed through Lasbela on his way back to Babylon after conquering Northwestern India. In 711 CE, the Arab general, Muhammad bin Qasim passed through Lasbela on his way to Sindh.

The area of the district was formerly a princely state of British India (Las – with Bela as capital), which later merged with Pakistan.


The main river is the Porali with its tributaries, Winder and Wirhab rivers. [1998 Population Census Report of Lasbela, Population Census Organisation, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad, 1999, Pg 2] Other rivers are the Phor and Hingol which rise in Awaran District before flowing through Lasbela on their way to the Arabian Sea.


The population of Lasbela was estimated to be over 700,000 in 2005. In 1998, the overall population was 98.33% Muslim.1998 Population Census Report of Lasbela, Population Census Organisation, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad, 1999, Pg 24] Of the remaining, 1.37% were Hindus and 0.14% Christian, with the rest belonging to various other religions. In 1998, about 37% of the population resided in the urban areas.In 1998, 22.3% of the population was literate with 32.16% of the males and 10.46% of the females.The majority of population speaks either Sindhi or Baluchi. Much of the population also speaks a language called Lasi, which is derived from Sindhi or Jadgali.

ites of Interest


* Shrine of Shah Bilawal
* Lahut-i-Lamakan
* Kumb Shrine
* Shireen and Farhad
* Sassi and Punnu
* Pir Fida Hussain
* Pir Moosiani
* Pir Mohiuddin
* Mai Gondrani

Historical Buildings and Archaeological Sites

At Bela:
* Shah Jamai Mosque
* Tomb of General Muhammad ibn Haroon
* Tomb of Colonel Robert Sandeman
* Karia Pir

* Sassi Waro-Chodo (Sassi's Spring), near Paboni Naka, about 68 km from Karachi. [ [http://www.lasbeladistrictgovt.com/history/Historical%20monuments.htm Archaeological sites and historical monuments - Lasbela Government] ]
* Bakkar Buthi, a small Harappan site located in the remote mountainous area to the east of the Las Bela plain. [ [http://www.lasbeladistrictgovt.com/history/Bakkar%20Buthi.htm Bakkar Buthi- Lasbela Government] ]


ee also

* Las Bela (princely state)

External links

* [http://www.lasbeladistrictgovt.com Lasbela District Government]
* [http://www.bdd.sdnpk.org/lasbela.htm Baluchistan District Database]

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