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X is the twenty-fourth letter of the Latin alphabet.

X may also refer to:


*Chi (letter), the twenty-second letter of the Greek alphabet, often used to abbreviate "Christ"
*Kha, a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet
*Ḫāʼ, a letter in the Arabic alphabet


*X is the Roman numeral for 10
*"x" is a common variable for unknown or changing concepts in mathematics
*× is used as the multiplication sign in mathematics


*In astronomy, X stands for a comet of unknown orbit
*In electronics, X stands for reactance, the imaginary part of electrical impedance
*In biology, × (or x) is often used in binomial nomenclature as part of a hybrid name
*X band, part of the microwave band of the electromagnetic spectrum
*X chromosome, one of the two sex-determining chromosomes in many animal species, including mammals
*Planet X is a hypothesised planet in the outer solar system


*X, short for the X Window System, a client-server display protocol often used in UNIX environments
*X Window System protocols and architecture, rules for communication between the former client and server
*X (writing speed), the speed at which data is written to an optical disc
*Mac OS X, the current graphical operating system for Apple hardware


*X-rated, a rating given to films suitable for an adult-only audience
*"X" (1963 film), subtitled "The Man with the X-Ray Eyes", an American science-fiction film
*"X" (anime), a Japanese anime film and television series adapted from the manga of the same name
*"The X" (TV series), a Canadian children's television program produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
*"The X's", an American animated television series


*"X" (manga), a Japanese manga series by Clamp
*"X" (Dark Horse Comics), a character and series by Dark Horse Comics
*X (Marvel Comics), a mutant character appearing in Marvel Comics

Video games

*X (Xbox show), an annual trade show hosted by Microsoft to showcase Xbox merchandise
*"X" (handheld game), an early 3D game for Nintendo's Game Boy console released only in Japan
*X ("Metroid" enemy), a parasitic organism and primary antagonist in the Game Boy Advance game "Metroid Fusion"
*"X" (game series), a science fiction space simulator series by Egosoft
**"", a game in the Egosoft series
*Mega Man X (character), the protagonist in the "Mega Man X" video game series
*"Dance Dance Revolution X", an upcoming music video game by Konami



*"X" (Kylie Minogue album), released in 2007 by Australian dance-pop singer Kylie Minogue
*"X" (K-Ci and JoJo album), released in 2000 by American R&B duo K-Ci and JoJo
*"X" (Kristeen Young album), released in 2004 by American rock singer Kristeen Young
*"X" (INXS album), released in 1990 by Australian rock band INXS
*"X" (Def Leppard album), released in 2002 by British rock band Def Leppard
*"X" (Liberty X album), released in 2005 by British pop vocal group Liberty X
*"X" (Klaus Schulze album), released in 1978 by German electronic musician Klaus Schulze
*"X" (Anna Vissi album), released in 2002 by Greek singer Anna Vissi
*X the album, Christian compilation album series released annually by Tooth and Nail Records since 2004


*X (U.S. band), a punk rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1977
*X (Australian band), a punk rock band formed in Sydney in 1977
*X Japan, a Japanese metal band formed in 1982, disbanded in 1997, reunited in 2007


*"X" (Xzibit song), a song from the 2000 album "Restless" by Xzibit
*"X" (Liberty X song), a 2006 song from the album "X" by Liberty X
*"X", a song from the album "Toxicity" by System of a Down


*KTHX-FM, also known as "The 'X' at 100.1 FM", a rock n' roll radio station in Reno, Nevada
*KCXX-FM, also known as "The 'X' at 103.9 FM", a rock n' roll radio station in the Inland Empire, Southern California
*KXXR, also known as "93X", an active rock radio station in Minneapolis, MN
*WXDX-FM, also known as "The 'X' at 105.9", a modern rock radio station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*WQXA, also known as 105.7 "The 'X'", a modern rock radio station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
*WRAX, also known as "The 'X' at 100.5", a modern rock radio station in Birmingham, Alabama
*WXEG, also known as "103.9 The 'X'", a modern rock radio station in Dayton, Ohio
*WNFZ, also known as "94.3 the X", a modern rock radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee
*WSUN, also known as "97X", a modern rock radio station in Tampa, FL
*XETRA-FM, also known as "91X", a modern rock radio station in San Diego, California
*The initial letter of many stations originating in Mexico

Other uses

*X mark, a common written symbol of negation or affirmation
*X (automobile), a French car produced in 1908 and 1909
*X² (roller coaster), the world's first spinning coaster, at Six Flags Magic Mountain
*"X" (John Cage book), subtitled "Writings ’79–’82", a book by avantgarde composer John Cage
*X (The X-Files), a character from the television series "The X-files"
*x is a handwritten symbol of a kiss
*x is the symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet for the voiceless velar fricative
*X is the stock symbol for United States Steel Corporation
*"The X" is the nickname for École Polytechnique, a French engineering school
*"The X" may refer to the Xcel Energy Center, an arena in Saint Paul, Minnesota
*X and ecstasy are street names for the drug MDMA
*X, surname often assumed by members of the Nation of Islam, i.e Malcolm X, Clarence 13X
*X, ring name of wrestler Carl Ouellet
*X is the symbol for a strike in bowling

ee also

*Chi (disambiguation)
*Ex (disambiguation)
*Mister X (disambiguation)
*Project X (disambiguation)
*XX (disambiguation)
*XXX (disambiguation)
*XXXX (disambiguation)


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