Traffic Department 2192

Infobox VG| title = Traffic Department 2192

developer = P-Squared Productions (P-Squared Multimedia)
publisher = Safari Software
designer = John Pallett-Plowright, Robert A. Allen, Michael Pallett-Plowright
engine =
released = 1994
genre = Multi-directional shooter
modes = Single player
ratings = OFLC: M
platforms = PC DOS
media = 3.5" Floppy disk
requirements = 386
input = Keyboard

"Traffic Department 2192" was a top down shooter game for IBM PC, developed by P-Squared Productions and released in 1994 by Safari Software and distributed by Epic Megagames. The full game contains three episodes (Alpha, Beta, Gamma), each with twenty missions, in which the player pilots a "hoverskid" about a war-torn city to complete certain mission objectives. After publisher Safari Software was absorbed into Epic, the game was sold via Epic Classics for a time. The game was released as freeware under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 License in 2007. []

The game was scored by Robert A. Allen. However, John Pallett-Plowright wrote "Satair", and his 13-year-old brother, Michael Pallett-Plowright, also known as Owen Pallett, wrote "Menu", "Vulture", "Intro 2" and "Death". []

The most notable aspect of the series is the detailed and often complex script by Christopher Perkins. The game features lengthy cutscenes before and after each of the sixty missions. Each cutscene spans across multiple scenes, giving the game's storyline a reported length of 50,000 words. The cutscenes are made up of conversations between two or more characters on the screen with static 3D images of locations cut between each scene. The game's dialogue features both profanity and sexually-suggestive language, but there is an option at the start of the game to disable all mature content.

Over the years the series has developed a small dedicated fan base that has produced Lego models of the various "skids" in the series. [] []


The player takes on the role of Lieutenant Marta Louise Velasquez, a hot-tempered young pilot working for the Traffic Department in the city of Vulthaven, on the planet Seche, in the year 2192. Since the vile gang known as the Vultures began attempts to take over the planet, the Traffic Department has become the only law-enforcement in the city. As the game's introduction explains, fourteen years earlier, Velasquez saw her father Ric killed by the Vultures while returning from garrison duty.

The story deals with Velasquez's aggressive attitude towards everybody she meets, apparently caused by the painful memory of her father. Intertwined is a complex science fiction story of cloning, mind control and cybernetics, combined with a classic tale of betrayal, infiltration, and warfare.


A range of vehicles were designed for the series. Some of the more popular (and unique) ones were;

Vulture I
* 2 Medium-Power Ion Cannons
* Armour 2500
* Shields 2500
* Top Speed 118 MPH

Vulture II
* 4 Light Ion Pulsers
* Armour 2000
* Shields 2500
* Top Speed 185 MPH

Vulture III
* 2 Heavy Ion Punchers
* Armour 4000
* Shields 3500
* Top Speed 76 MPH

* 2 Medium-Power Cannons
* Armour 1500
* Shields 1800
* Top Speed 120 MPH

* 2 Light Ion Pulsers
* Armour 1500
* Shields 1800
* Top Speed 210 MPH

* 4 Light Ion Pulsers
* Armour 1500
* Shields 1800
* Top Speed 316 MPH

* 1 Medium-Power Cannon
* Armour 1500
* Shields 1600
* Top Speed 125 MPH


Designed and Programmed
* John Pallett-Plowright
* Robert A. Allen
* Michael Pallett-Plowright

* John Pallett-Plowright
* Bruce Hsu
* Michael Taylor
* Samuel Goldstein

* Robert A. Allen
* Michael Pallett-Plowright (Owen Pallett)

* Christopher Perkins

Special Thanks
* Tim Sweeney

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