Her Highness and the Bellboy

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name = Her Highness and the Bellboy

image_size =
caption = Theatrical poster
director = Richard Thorpe
producer = Joe Pasternak
writer = Richard Connell
Gladys Lehman
narrator =
starring = Hedy Lamarr
Robert Walker
June Allyson
music = George E. Stoll
cinematography = Harry Stradling Sr.
editing = George Boemler
distributor = Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
released = 11 July 1945
runtime = 112 minutes
country = USA
language = English
budget =
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imdb_id = 0037769

"Her Highness and the Bellboy" was a 1945 film starring Hedy Lamarr and Robert Walker.

Plot synopsis

In a make believe European country, a beautiful princess meets a handsome American reporter and falls in love with him. On a trip to New York, she hopes to find him again. While staying at one of the city's finest hotels she meets a kind-hearted bellhop who mistakes her for a maid. She invites him to be her escort, not realizing that he believes he has fallen in love with her. Every nice thing the princess does encourages him to believe that she feels the same way he does.

While he is off duty, the bellhop visits a lovely young woman who is unable to walk. He doesn't realize that the girl is in love with him. After the princess locates the reporter, she makes him an offer which he turns down. He feels they are from two different worlds. After she has a crying jag, the bellhop asks if he can be of some help. She asks him to take her to a bar called Jake's Joint, where the reporter likes to go. The bellhop tries to change her mind, obviously thinking she shouldn't go there, but she insists. In a tux, the bellhop stops by to visit his invalid friend before his date. He gives her the corsage he had bought for the princess and after he leaves, the young woman cries. At the club, the princess keeps looking around for the reporter, but he doesn't show. The bellhop's friend is there with some . When they tell him to sock the bellhop, he one of them instead and a fight breaks out. The police raid the joint and the princess is off to jail. The reporter gets there in time to see her carried off in the paddy wagon. The bellhop has been knocked out and when he comes to he goes back to the hotel. He learns the princess's father has died from a fall and she is now queen. The reporter the lady out and they return to her hotel. When the queen learns her father has died and knows she is expected to go home, she offers the bellhop a position. Still misunderstanding the lady, the bellhop thinks she wants him to be her consort. When he visits his invalid friend to say goodbye, she takes a step and he promises that she will get well. Both the new queen and the bellhop then have to decide whether to put love first.

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