List of nurses

List of prominent nurses


*Saint Alda (died c. 1309), Italian Catholic saint
*Sir Jonathan Asbridge was the first president of the UK's Nursing and Midwifery Council
*Charles Atangana (1880–1943), paramount chief of the Ewondo and Bane in Cameroon
*Anne Baker, British author
*Clara Barton (1821–1912), organized the American Red Cross
*Christine Beasley CBE (born 1944), Chiefing Nursing Officer for England
*Ethel Bedford-Fenwick (1856–1947) British nurse who campaigned for a law limiting nursing to "registered" nurses only
*Claire Bertschinger Swiss-British nurse who inspired the Band Aid charity movement
*Mary Ann Bickerdyke (1817–1901), nurse during the Civil War known as "Mother Bickerdyke"
*Jo Brand (born 1957), British comedian
*Elsa Brändström (1888–1948), Swedish World War I Red Cross nurse in Siberia
*Vice Admiral Richard Carmona (born 1949), Surgeon General of the United States
*Dr Peter Carter OBE, British nurse and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing
*Anne Casey, New Zealand-born British nurse who developed Casey's model of nursing
*Edith Cavell (1865–1915), heroine of World War I
*Dame June Clark, Professor at University of Swansea
*Marion Dewar (born 1928), was mayor of Ottawa and a member of the Parliament
*Sister Dora (1832–1878), British 19th century nurse
*Ellen Dougherty (1844–1919), the first Registered Nurse
*Diane Duane (born 1952) American science fiction and fantasy author


thumb|Mary Todd Lincoln]
*Sarah Emma Edmundson (1841–1898), Canadian-American author who served with the Union Army in the American Civil War
*Queen Fabiola of Belgium (born 1928)
*Erna Flegel (born 1903), Adolf Hitler's nurse
*Genevieve de Galard, French nurse during the French war in Indochina
*Abigail Hopper Gibbons (1801–1893), Abolitionist activist during the American Civil War
*Cornelia Hancock (1839–1926), American Civil War nurse
*Virginia Henderson (1897–1996), American nurse theorist
*Lucille Hegamin (1894–1970), blues recording artist
*Lenah Higbee (1874–1941), pioneering U.S. Navy nurse during World War I
*Dame Agnes Hunt (1867–1948), British Orthopaedic Nursing pioneer
*Alberta Hunter (1895–1984), jazz singer
*Dame Betty Kershaw, Professor at Sheffield
*Lanike, Alexander the Great's nurse
*Daurene Lewis, Canadian. First black woman mayor in North America
*Mary Todd Lincoln (1818–1882), volunteer nurse during the Civil War
*Kate Lorig, Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine
*Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson, Revolutionary War Nurse. Mother of Andrew Jackson, 7th U.S. President.


*Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood (1897–1965)
*Mary Eliza Mahoney (1845–1946), first professionally trained African-American nurse
*Sophie Mannerheim (1863–1928), pioneer of modern nursing in Finland
*Anna Maxwell (1851–1929), U.S. Army nurse whose activities were crucial to the growth of professional nursing in America
*Jean McFarlane, Baroness McFarlane of Llandaff
*Louisa McLaughlin (1836-1921), one of the first British Red Cross nurses, served in two wars
*Anne Milton (born 1955), British member of parliament
*Naomi Mitchison (1897–1999), British novelist and poet
*Jeannine Moquin-Perry, Canadian religious and political activist
*Sarah Mullally (born 1962) British Chief Nursing Officer and priest
*Florence Nightingale (1820–1910), pioneer of modern nursing
*Emma Maria Pearson (1828-93), writer and one of the first British Red Cross nurses, served in two wars
*Jill Pettis, New Zealand member of Parliament
*Lynne Pillay, New Zealand member of Parliament
*Kerry Prendergast, Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand
*Tom Quinn, influential UK Professor of Cardiac nursing
*Claire Rayner (born 1931), British journalist, agony aunt and activist
*Linda Richards (1841–1930), America's first professionally trained nurse
*Isabel Hampton Robb, helped develop early programs of nursing education


*Margaret Sanger (1879–1966), founder of the "birth control movement" in America
*Dame Cicely Saunders, British hospice pioneer
*Lynda Scott , New Zealand member of Parliament
*Mary Seacole (1805–1881), Jamaican British nurse in the Crimean War known as "the black Florence Nightingale"
*Mabel Keaton Staupers (1890–1989), Advocate for racial equality in the nursing profession during era of American segregation.
*Margaretta Styles (1930-2005), American advocate for standardization of nursing credentials, University of California, San Francisco Nursing School dean, past president of the American Nurses Association and International Council of Nurses
*Adah Belle Samuels Thoms (1870-1943), pioneering African American rights activist, who fought for African American nurses to be permitted to serve in the US armed forces
*Sally Louisa Tompkins (1833–1916) humanitarian and philanthropist during the American Civil War
*Harriet Tubman (1820–1913), African American freedom fighter and Abolitionist activist
*Lillian Wald (1867–1940), regarded as the "founder of visiting nursing in America"
*Walt Whitman (1819–1892), American poet, American Civil War nurse

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