William III, Count of Nevers

William III, Count of Nevers, (c. 1107 - Auxerre, 21 November, 1161) Count of Nevers, Auxerre and Tonnerre (1148-1161).


He was a son of William II of Nevers and his wife Adelaide. The ancestry of his mother is unknown. ["Origine et Historia Brevi Nivernensium Comitum, RHGF XII, p. 316"]

His brother Renaud of Nevers was Count of Torrene until his death in 1148, while participating in the Second Crusade. Robert of Nevers, another brother, is only mentioned in a charter dating to 1134. Their sister Anne of Nevers was William VIII, Count of Auvergne, also known as "William the Old" (reign 1155 - 1182). They were parents to Robert IV, Count of Auvergne (reign 1182 - 1194).

Life account

He is recorded as co-signing legal decisions by his father in charter dating to 1121 and 1134. On 21 September, 1137, Orderic Vitalis records him accompanying Geoffrey V of Anjou in his entry in the Duchy of Normandy [Orderic Vitalis, "Historia Ecclesiastica", Vol. VI, Book XIII, p. 467] , as part of the conflict between Matilda, Countess of Anjou and her cousin Stephen of England. Their struggle lasted from 1135 to 1154 and is known as The Anarchy.

William III joined Louis VII of France in the Second Crusade. [Steven Runciman, "A History of the Crusades: Volume 2, The Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Frankish East" (1952), p. 262] On 21 August, 1148, his father died and William III succeeded him in Nevers and Auxerre. He is considered to have succeeded his younger brother in Tonnere at about the same time.


William III married Ida of Sponheim. She was a daughter of Engelbert, Duke of Carinthia and Uta of Passau. Her maternal grandparents were Ulrich, Count of Passau and Adelheid of Lechsgemünd. [ [http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/BURGUNDIAN%20NOBILITY.htm#GuillaumeIIIdied1161B His profile in "Medieval Lands" by Charles Cawley] ] . They had at least five children:

*William IV, Count of Nevers (d. 24 October, 1168).
*Guy, Count of Nevers (d. 19 October, 1175).
*Renaud of Nevers (d. 5 August, 1191).
*Adelaide of Nevers. Married Renaud IV, Count of Joigny.
*Ermengarde of Nevers.


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* [http://www.carantha.net/the_dynasty_of_carantania_and_their_relations_with_france.htm "The Dynasty of Carantania and their relations with France" by Jožko Šavli, an article covering Ida of Carinthia and her relations]

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