1000 Broadway (Portland, Oregon)

1000 Broadway is a 24 story office building in Portland, Oregon. The distinguishing feature of the building is a series of rings that form a dome over the center portion of its roof. Because of this, the building is nicknamed "The Ban Roll-on Building".

The architectural firm of Broome, Oringdulph, Randolph, and Associates (BOORA) designed the building. It was also Portland developer Tom Moyer's first major project. It reportedly cost US$ 90 million to build the tower. 1000 Broadway opened to the public in 1991. [Francis, Mike. Taxpayers fund face lift to downtown. "The Oregonian", February 25 1996.]

The half-block lot formerly hosted the Broadway Theater, an art deco movie house. Plans to restore and include the old marquee never came to fruition. However, a 4-screen multi-plex movie theater was built inside the new tower.

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