Parmenion (poet)

Parmenion was a Macedonian epigrammatic poet, whose verses were included in the collection of Philip of Thessalonica in Greek Anthology ; whence it is probable that he flourished in, or shortly before, the time of Augustus. Brunck gives fourteen of his epigrams in the Analecta (vol. ii. pp. 201—203), and one more in the Lectiones (p. 177; Jacobs, Antli. Graec. vol. ii. pp. 184—187). Reiske refers to him one of the anonymous epigrams (No. cxxi.), on the ground of the superscription "Parmenontos" in the Vatican MS, but that is the name, not of the author of the epigram, but of the victor who dedicated the statue to which it forms the inscription, as is clear from the epigram itself (comp. Brunck, Led. p. 265 ; Jacobs, Animadv. in Anih. Graec. vol. iii. pt. i. p. 356). The epigrams of Parmenion are charac­terized by brevity, which he himself declares (Ep. 1) that he aimed at; unfortunately, they want the body, of which brevity is said to be the soul,—wit.



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