List of thrash metal bands

This is a list of bands that have played thrash metal at some point during their career, sorted by country of origin. This list, however, also includes certain bands belonging to the first wave of black metal. These bands essentially played thrash metal with a heavy emphasis on Satanic and occult themes in lyrics as well as imagery. [cite video | people = Dunn, Sam (Director) | year = 2005 | date = August 5 | url = | title = Metal: A Headbanger's Journey | medium = motion picture | location = Canada | publisher = Dunn, Sam]

Thrash metal was the product of American bands, who fused the sound of New Wave of British Heavy Metal with the speed of hardcore punk in the early 1980s. cite web |title=Thrash Metal | |url= |accessdate=2008-01-07] Thrash metal was also the major influence in the development of extreme genres like groove metal, death metal and the second wave of black metal. cite web |title=EOL Audio - Groove Metal | |url= |accessdate=2008-01-07] cite web |title=What Is Thrash Metal? | |url= |accessdate=2008-01-07]

Four American bands, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax, are credited with popularizing the genre, earning them the title of The Big Four of Thrash. Many people credit Metallica with pioneering thrash metal. cite book |title=A to Z of Thrash Metal (Rockdetector) |last=Sharpe-Young |first=Garry |authorlink= |coauthors= |year=2002 |publisher=Cherry Red books |location= |isbn=190144709X |pages=450 ] Outside of the U.S., Teutonic thrash bands such as Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction as well as Brazil's Sepultura were key contributors to the development of thrash.

Several major thrash bands such as Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth and Kreator streamlined their sound to an accessible, radio-friendly hard rock style in the early to mid-90s. However, thrash metal has seen a resurgence in recent times, with many of the older bands, such as Megadeth and Metallica, returning to their thrash roots with their new releases.cite web |title=Thrash Metal Revival | |url=


* Dream Master
* Hermética
* Malón
* Nepal


* Addictive
* Cryogenic
* Deströyer 666
* Hobbs' Angel of Death

One of the first Australian extreme metal bands, "Hobbs' Angel of Death" made their recording debut with their eponymous album in 1988. Released by Germany's Steamhammer label, the album is considered to rate as one of the great cult metal releases of the '80s, while Allmusic compared it with Reign in Blood for its aggressive thrashing and Satanic references.cite web |title=Hobbs' Angel of Death Biography | |url=
* Mortal Sin
* Mortification
* Nothing Sacred
* Segression


* Motör Militia


* Cavalera Conspiracy
* Dorsal Atlântica
* Executer
* Korzus
* Lobotomia
* MX
* Nailbomb
* Ratos de Porão

* SarcófagoBrazilian death/thrash metallers "Sarcófago" were considered the most extreme and inaccessible of Brazil's early death metal champions, while some claim, pioneered what would later be known as black metal.cite web |title=Sarcófago Biography | |url=
] According to Eduardo Rivadavia of Allmusic, Sarcófago's 1987 debut, I.N.R.I. remains an "oft-referenced touchstone for black metal musicians worldwide" and called it "a historical relic of an obscure but important national scene".cite web |title=I.N.R.I. | |url=
* SepulturaSepultura are now considered to be the most successful Brazilian heavy metal band in history. Their third release, "Beneath the Remains" was an immediate critical and commercial success and is cited as "one of the most essential death/thrash metal albums of all time" by Allmusic.cite web |title=Sepultura Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=Beneath the Remains | |url=
] Its follow-up, Arise also remains a classic of the death metal genre.cite web |title=Arise | |url=

* Soulfly
* Torture Squad


* 3 Inches of Blood
* AnnihilatorCanadian thrashers "Annihilator" exploded onto the thrash metal scene with their critically acclaimed debut, Alice in Hell, cited by Allmusic as "an unqualified triumph" and "the state of the art in terms of thinking man's thrash metal".cite web |title=Annihilator Biography | |url=
] It was followed up with Never, Neverland, which is considered by Alex Henderson of "Allmusic" as "a blistering gem" and "one of 1990's strongest metal releases".cite web |title=Never, Neverland | |url=

* Anvil
* Bison
* Dead Brain Cells
* Eudoxis
* ExciterOne of the first bands that appeared on the thrash metal scene, Canadian outfit "Exciter" released "Heavy Metal Maniac" in 1983, considered to be among the first thrash albums. Their third release, "Long Live the Loud", is cited as their best effort and is considered as the apex of their career.cite web |title=Exciter Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=Violence & Force | |url=
* Infernäl Mäjesty
* Piledriver
* Razor

* Voivod
Prog/thrash metal outfit "Voivod" were one of the first thrash bands from Canada to receive international popularity.cite web |title=Voivod Biography | |url=
] Greg Prato of Allmusic compared their debut, War and Pain with Metallica's debut, Kill 'Em All.cite web |title=War and Pain | |url=
] Their progressive/thrash release, Nothingface, was their most commercially successful album, attaining a peak position of #114 in the "Billboard Top 200" on February 17, 1990.cite web |title=Nothingface | |url=
* Zimmers Hole


* Coprofago


* Athanator
* Ekhymosis
* Holocausto
* Inquisition


* Artillery
* Hatesphere
* Invocator


* Am I Blood
* Deathchain
* Hevein
* Mokoma
* Stone
* Stam1na
* National Napalm Syndicate


* Gojira
* Loudblast
* Lyzanxia
* Scarve
* Yyrkoon


* Desaster
* DestructionTogether with their countrymen Kreator and Sodom, Germany's "Destruction" constituted the dominating triumvirate of Teutonic thrash metal during the 1980s. Their third album, Release from Agony, is considered as the band's finest release, while Allmusic cited it as "an overlooked classic".cite web |title=Destruction Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=Release from Agony | |url=
] "Destruction's" impact on the nascent black metal scene has been acknowledged by the late Euronymous of Mayhem, who called their first release "masterpiece of black stinking metal".cite web |title=Interview with Euronymous by Esa Lahdenpera for KILL YOURSELF! MAGAZINE | |url=
* Dew-Scented
* Grinder
* Holy Moses
* Justice
* KreatorArguably the most influential and successful European thrash metal band ever, Germany's "Kreator" is also by far the most enduring, mixing Metallica's thrash innovations with Venom's proto-black metal imagery.cite web |title=Kreator Biography | |url=
] Their sophomore effort, Pleasure to Kill is considered as the band's first "classic" album and was a critical and commercial success.cite web |title=Pleasure to Kill | |url=
] It was followed up with the spectacular Terrible Certainty and Extreme Aggression, cited as "their final thrash triumph" by Vincent Jeffries of Allmusic.cite web |title=Extreme Aggression | |url=
* Living Death
* Mekong Delta

* SodomOne of the three dominating bands of the Teutonic thrash metal scene, "Sodom" has been a major influence in the development of thrash, black and death metal.cite web |title=Interview with Tom Angelripper - FKOTLD | |url=
] Their landmark album, Persecution Mania, is praised by Ed Rivadavia of Allmusic as "a virtual tour de force of blinding speed and blunt force" and named it as "arguably the best album of Sodom's checkered career".cite web |title=Persecution Mania | |url=
] Euronymous of Mayhem stated them as an influence, while calling their first release as a "masterpiece of black stinking metal".

* Tankard
* Voodoocult


* Memorain


* Ektomorf


* Kryptos


* Bulldozer
* Death SS
* Extrema

* NecrodeathRelatively unknown outside their homeland, Italy's "Necrodeath" blended old-school speed metal and thrash with black metal pioneered by Venom and Bathory.cite web |title=Necrodeath Biography | |url=


* The Fading
* Nail Within


* Doom
* Grief of War
* Outrage
* Sabbat


* Sanatorium


* Cromok
* Hozzen


* Transmetal


* Detonation
* Escadron
* Legion of the Damned

* PestilenceAlthough remembered primarily as a progressive death metal band for their latter, better known and better executed efforts, "Pestilence's" debut, Malleus Maleficarum, was essentially a thrash metal release, and is easily recognized as a transitional link between the thrash and death metal.cite web |title=Malleus Maleficarum Biography | |url=

New Zealand

* 8 Foot Sativa
* Sinate


* Audiopain
* Aura Noir
* Battered

* Blood TsunamiFeaturing Bård "Faust" Eithun (ex-Emperor) and Pete Evil, the host of the Norwegian version of "Headbangers Ball", "Blood Tsunami" released their debut album, Thrash Metal, in April 2007.cite web |title=Thrash Metal (album) | |url=
] cite web |title=Blood Tsunami - | |url=

* Griffin
* Grimfist
* Nocturnal Breed

* Red Harvest (early)
Industrial metal band "Red Harvest" started off as a thrash metal outfit in 1989, releasing two demos and their only thrash release, Nomindsland.cite web |title=Red Harvest Home Page | |url=

* Susperia


* Acid Drinkers
* Kat
* Turbo
* Vader
* Witchmaster


* Black Obelisk
* DeadXheaD
* Kuwalda
* Master


* Majster Kat

outh Korea

* Crash


* 2Ton Predator
* Arch Enemy

* BathoryA one-man operation helmed by the mysterious Quorthon, "Bathory" easily qualify as one the most important European extreme metal acts of the '80s and '90s. "Bathory" has been influential for several bands from the Norwegian black metal scene, and has singlehandedly carved out Viking metal with their landmark releases, Blood Fire Death and Hammerheart.cite web |title=Bathory Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=Metal genre descriptions| |url=

* Carnal Forge
* The Crown
* Defleshed
* The HauntedSwedish death/thrash metal band "The Haunted" arose from the ashes of At the Gates. The group's second effort, The Haunted Made Me Do It has been noted to be on the same pedestal as Wolverine Blues, Heartwork and Master of Puppets by Allmusic.cite web |title=The Haunted Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=The Haunted Made Me Do It | |url=

* Impious
* Kayser
* Meshuggah"Rolling Stone" labelles the "Swedish sonic extremists" as "one of the ten most important hard and heavy bands"cite web
url =
publisher =
title = Meshuggah BIO
author =
accessdate = 2007-07-06
] cite web
url =
publisher = Nuclear Blast
title = Meshuggah
author =
accessdate = 2008-06-10
] and the "Alternative Press" as the "most important band in metal".cite web
url =
publisher = Exclaim!
title = Meshuggah's One-Track Mind
author = Jill Mikkelson
accessdate = 2008-07-05
] Meshuggah combine death metal, grindcore, mathcore, thrash and progressive metal; Nuclear Blast states that "It is impossible to talk about experimental or avant-garde metal without mentioning this truly groundbreaking act".

* One Man Army and the Undead Quartet
* Raise Hell
* Terror 2000
* Witchery


* Celtic FrostFormed from the remains of seminal death/black metal pioneers Hellhammer, "Celtic Frost" are a huge influence on both extreme metal and gothic metal.cite web |title=Celtic Frost Century Media | |url=
] Ned Raggett of Allmusic considered To Mega Therion as "death metal at its finest", adding that "Celtic Frost" members "know how to make the end of the world sound appropriately dramatic".cite web |title=To Mega Therion | |url=

* CoronerSwiss trio "Coroner" was originally pegged as a conventional thrash band, but their jaw-dropping musicianship and increasingly complex compositions soon won over most critics, some of which labeled them the Rush of thrash metal.cite web |title=Coroner Biography | |url=
] Widely regarded as their greatest achievement and an extreme metal landmark, "Coroner's" fourth release, Mental Vortex saw the Swiss trio quickly moving away from the everyday trappings of thrash metal into unpredictable avant-thrash territory.cite web |title=Mental Vortex | |url=

* HellhammerAlthough "Hellhammer" never entered mainstream metal, the brutally aggressive unit did attract a small but loyal cult following during its short life. Their only release, the Apocalyptic Raids demo left a lasting impression and is widely circulated in Europe's underground tape-trading networks. Two of its three members went on and formed the seminal extreme metal band, Celtic Frost.cite web |title=Hellhammer Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D. | |url=

* Messiah


* Mezarkabul

United Kingdom

* Acid Reign
* Atomkraft
* Blood Eagle
* Cerebral Fix
* Deadfall
* EvileEngland's "Evile" are one of the new millennium bands attempting to revitalize 80's thrash metal without straying too far from it.cite web |title=Evile Biography | |url=

* Gama Bomb
* Hellbastard
* Hydra VeinUK thrashers "Hydra Vein" released their debut, Rather Death Than False of Faith in 1988. After releasing the After the Dream EP, they officially disbanded in 1989.cite web |title=Hydra Vein Biography | |url=
* Ignorance
* Lifeless
* Lawnmower Deth
* Nailbomb
* Onslaught
* Sabbat

One of the first on the British thrash scene, "Sabbat" distinguished themselves with both their blazing speed and their fascination with the occult, paganism and the Dark Ages. Their seemingly prophetic debut, History of a Time to Come, is considered to rank with the best British thrash ever produced.cite web |title=Sabbat Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=History of a Time to Come | |url=

* Seventh Angel
* Short Sharp Shock
* VenomNewcastle based thrash metal band "Venom" were a seminal influence on the evolution of thrash and black metal scene.cite web |title=Venom Biography | |url=
] Their 1982 debut, Welcome to Hell, is cited by Allmusic to have "crystallized the elements of what later became known as thrash, death, black, and virtually every other form of extreme metal"cite web |title=Welcome to Hell | |url=
] , whilst considering their sophomore release, Black Metal, to be "right up there with its predecessor".cite web |title=Black metal | |url=

* Xentrix

United States of America


* AnacrusisMissouri based "Anacrusis" is considered to be one of the more talented bands which got lost in the shuffle of the late-'80s thrash scene.cite web |title=Anacrusis Biography | |url=
] Steve Huey of Allmusic compared them with Voivod, while citing their third release, "Manic Impressions" as "essential listening" for fans of both thrash and progressive metal".cite web |title=Manic Impressions | |url=

* AnthraxOf the "Big Four of Thrash", "Anthrax" was the most adventurous in terms of genre-crossing,noted for their experimentation and tempering often serious music with a healthy dose of humor and realism. Allmusic have attributed the ownership of the "throne" of the East Coast thrash metal scene to "Anthrax". cite web |title=Anthrax Biography | |url=
] Among the Living, their third album, is considered by Steve Huey of Allmusic as "arguably Anthrax's foremost achievement" and is generally considered as the band's best effort.cite web |title=Among the Living | |url=

* Atrophy
* Attitude Adjustment
* Avenger of Blood
* Behind Enemy Lines
* Believer
* Beowülf
* Beyond the Embrace
* Blind IllusionA secret supergroup of sorts, "Blind Illusion" is best known for containing two-thirds of the alternative rock group Primus. Their only release, The Sane Asylum, was a highly technical thrash album and is cited by Allmusic as "one of the Bay Area thrash scene's most original, if flawed documents". cite web |title=Blind Illusion Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=The Sane Asylum | |url=
* Blunt Force Trauma
* Byzantine
* Carnivore
* Corrupt Absolute
* Cryptic Slaughter
* Dark AngelFormed in 1983, Los Angeles thrashers "Dark Angel" were known in thrash metal circles for their ability to deliver some of thrash's most challenging and articulate albums with pure speed and primal aggression. cite web |title=Dark Angel Biography | |url=
] Their fourth album, Time Does Not Heal, is hailed by critics as the band's "creative peak" and Ed Rivadavia of Allmusic called it "a veritable masterpiece of thinking-man's thrash metal". cite web |title=Time Does Not Heal | |url=
] However, some purists consider the group's second album, Darkness Descends to be their best effort, and is considered as a minor thrash metal classic. cite web |title=Darkness Descends | |url=
* Dead Horse
* Deceased
* Death AngelSan Francisco's "Death Angel" created complex thrash metal by combining serious guitar crunch and speed with a fair amount of technical expertise. Their 1985 demo "Kill As One" was notably produced by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett when they still were teenagers. cite web |title=Death Angel Biography | |url=
] Ed Rivadavia of Allmusic commented that the young line-up of "Death Angel" reached their "musical adulthood" with their third album, Act III and called it their "superlative career highlight". cite web |title=Act III | |url=

* Defiance"Defiance" was a very minor participant in the late-'80s Bay Area thrash scene. Their third opus Beyond Recognition, was the capper of their fairly undistinguished career. cite web |title=Defiance Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=Beyond Recognition | |url=
* Deliverance
* Demiricous
* Demolition Hammer
* D.R.I.Although known for their landmark hardcore punk albums, "Dirty Rotten Imbeciles" were one of the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal. Their 1989 release Thrash Zone was widely acclaimed among their better releases. cite web |title=D.R.I. Biography | |url=

* Dublin Death Patrol


* EpidemicSan Francisco's "Epidemic" entered the now crowded Bay Area thrash metal scene in 1988 with their debut, The Truth of What Will Be. They further departed from the thrash metal sound over their next two releases before disbanding. cite web |title=Epidemic Biography | |url=

* Eternal Decision
* Evildead
* Excel
* ExhorderFormed in the late '80s out of a common interest in speed and doom metal, "Exhorder" helped shape the "Louisiana sound", a common sound shared between many metal bands from the state. cite web |title=Exhorder Biography | |url=
] Their second effort, The Law, is considered as a minor extreme metal classic. cite web |title=The Law | |url=

* ExodusOnce considered the kings of the Bay Area thrash metal scene, "Exodus" were unquestionably responsible for spawning that scene, which is widely accepted as the "birthplace of thrash". "Exodus" remained true to their thrash roots during the rise of the grunge and alternative metal scenes during the 90s. cite web |title=Exodus Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=Exodus Biography - Nuclear Blast | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-22] Praising their debut Bonded by Blood, Allmusic called it "a crucial piece of the thrash metal puzzle" and considered it as one of the "landmark albums" responsible for launching the thrash metal wave. cite web |title=Bonded by Blood | |url=

* Flotsam and JetsamArizona based "Flotsam and Jetsam" did not receive either significant sales or mainstream recognition, though they initially showed a lot of promise within the thrash metal circles. Part of the second wave of thrash bands, their ambitious debut Doomsday for the Deceiver received a six on a five point rating from Kerrang!, while Allmusic considered it as an important record for fans of early thrash metal. cite web |title=Flotsam and Jetsam Biography | |url=
] cite web |title=Flotsam and Jetsam Bio - Rockdetector | |url=,

* ForbiddenMaking thrash with "maximum crunch and minimum melody", "Forbidden" were one of the second wave of thrash metal bands which arose from the Bay Area Scene.cite web |title=Forbidden biography | |url=
] Their 1988 debut, Forbidden Evil, received largely favorable reviews and was considered quite impressive upon its release during the heyday of Bay Area-bred thrash metal.cite web |title=Forbidden Evil | |url=

* Ghoul
* GWARGory, sexually perverse, and scatological in the extreme, "GWAR" is cited as "a genuinely funny art-project joke" by the Rolling Stone magazine.cite web |title=Violence Has Arrived | |url=
] "GWAR" is best appreciated with its visual aspects, which are considered far more creative than their music by Allmusic.cite web |title=GWAR biography | |url=
] Alex Henderson of "Allmusic" praised Scumdogs of the Universe as "outrageously entertaining" and called it "GWAR's crowning achievement".cite web |title=Scumdogs of the Universe | |url=

* HeathenFormed in the mid-'80s in San Francisco, Bay Area thrashers Heathen garnered a lot of attention through their cover version of Sweet's "Set Them Free".cite web |title=Heathen Biography | |url=

* HiraxAlthough California's "Hirax" achieved only moderate success in the 1980s, their cult following has increased ever since, and now are frequently cited among the genre's important and unique early contributors.cite web |title=Hirax Biography | |url=
] Their third album, "The New Age of Terror" is considered by Cosmo Lee of Allmusic as the band's "strongest work", and called it "one of the best thrash metal records made since the genre's heyday".cite web |title=The New Age of Terror | |url=


* Iced EarthConsidered by Allmusic as "one of the greatest hopes for classic metal in America", "Iced Earth" are known for combining '80s thrash influences with the classic metal approach of Iron Maiden. cite web |title=Iced Earth Biography | |url=
* Juggernaut
* Lääz RockitFormed in 1982, "Lääz Rockit" were a mainstay in the Bay Area thrash scene for nine years and is cited as one of the best thrash bands in California. cite web |title=Reunited Laaz Rockit | |url=
] cite web |title=Laaz Rockit biography | |url=
] John Book of Allmusic compared their intricate guitar and bass playing on their 1987 opus, Know Your Enemy, with that of Anthrax. cite web |title=Know Your Enemy | |url=

* Living Sacrifice


* Machine Head long represented the dark and nasty side of American thrash cite web |title=Megadeth RS Biography | |url=
] .]
* MegadethAfter being fired from Metallica due to alcohol problems, drug abuse and personality conflicts, cite web
title=Foreclosure of a Team: Metalhammer 1998 |url=
] Dave Mustaine formed "Megadeth" in 1983. Since then, "Megadeth" has released eleven studio albums; five of them certified platinum, with Countdown to Extinction certified multi-platinum. cite web
title=Megadeth - RIAA Gold and Platinum albums
] cite web |title=Megadeth Biography | |url=
] Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?, their second effort, has received several accolades, from being considered as "a classic of early thrash" and "one of the few truly definitive thrash albums" to being noted as "one of the most influential metal albums of its decade". cite web |title=Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? - Bonus Tracks | |url=
] cite web |title=Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? | |url=
] Their 1990 release "Rust in Peace" is also a seminal thrash album.
* Merciless Death

* Metal ChurchSeattle metalheads "Metal Church" made a huge splash on the thrash metal scene with their 1985 eponymous debut.cite web |title=Metal Church Biography | |url=
] Ed Rivadavia of Allmusic considered the album "an overlooked classic of straight-ahead American-bred heavy metal".cite web |title=Metal Church | |url=

* MetallicaCited as one of the most influential heavy metal bands of the 1980s, Metallica were the first thrash metal band to attain mainstream acceptance and global commercial success. The band's third album, Master of Puppets, has been called "a thrash metal masterpiece" and "the greatest heavy metal album of all time" by Allmusic. cite web |title=Metallica Biography | |url= |accessdate=2007-12-14 ] cite web |title=Master of Puppets | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-08 ] From their underground roots the band have gone on to win seven Grammy awardscite web |title=Metallica FAQs | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-09] and have sold more than 120 million albums worldwide. cite web |title=SO WHAT! THE GOOD, THE MAD, AND THE UGLY | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-09]

* Method of Destruction
* Morbid SaintWisconsin quintet "Morbid Saint" played raw thrash which, according to Allmusic, sounded "like a cross between Kreator and Dark Angel".cite web |title=Spectrum of Death | |url= |accessdate=2008-04-03] They were a favorite opener of Florida death metal greats, Death.

* Municipal WasteHailing from Richmond, Virginia, "Municipal Waste" are a part of the thrash metal revival in the 2000s. Their sophomore album, Hazardous Mutation has been cited "an authentic blast of "‘80s crossover thrash" by Allmusic. cite web |title=Hazardous Mutation | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-27]

* Nevermore
* No Mercy
* Nuclear AssaultConsidered by Allmusic as contenders to the throne of East Coast thrash metal, "Nuclear Assault" were known for making room for serious subject matter in their careening speed metal riffs, while remaining close to hardcore than most of their peers.cite web |title=Survive | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-26] cite web |title=Nuclear Assault biography | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-26] Ed Rivadavia and John Franck of Allmusic cited their third album, Handle with Care, as their "truest band effort" and applauded it as "a record which "stands the test of time" as one of the "East Coast's best offerings" to the thrash metal genre". cite web |title=Handle with care | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-26]

* Oil
* Opprobrium
* OverkillFormed in 1984, New Jersey thrash quartet "Overkill" garnered a reputation for brutal, pounding speed and technique, while building up a strong following in the metal underground with albums like 1985's Taking Over and 1988's Under the Influence. cite web |title=Overkill Biography | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-31] Considered as a classic among "Overkill" fans, The Years of Decay is considered as "one of Overkill's most satisfying efforts" and is often mentioned as the pinnacle of the East Coast thrashers' recording career.cite web |title=The Years of Decay | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-22]

* PossessedArguably one of the pioneers of death metal, "Possessed" set the stage for the genre's breakaway from thrash. Their debut release, Seven Churches is often cited as the first true death metal release, while Allmusic considered it as the missing link between thrash and death metal. cite web |title=Possessed Biography | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-22] cite web |title=Seven Churches | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-22 ]
* Prong
* Prototype


* Realm
* Rigor Mortis
* Ritual Carnage
* Sacred ReichPhoenix-based "Sacred Reich" were noted for their highly opinionated political lyrics, occasionally mixing it with a satiric sense of humor.cite web |title=Sacred Reich Biography | |url= |accessdate=2008-04-02] Alex Henderson of Allmusic considered the "dark, troubling and often highly sociopolitical" "Sacred Reich" as "one of the most lyrically compelling thrash units", while praising their third release, The American Way, as "the band's finest hour".cite web |title=American Way | |url= |accessdate=2008-04-02]

* SadusSan Francisco's "Sadus" became an underground sensation long before they recorded their first album, thanks to their amazingly influential D.T.P. and "Certain Death" demos. According to Eduardo Rivadavia of Allmusic, "Sadus"' debut Illusions "stood balanced on a knife's edge between (...) thrash and death metal", and considered it to be a very accomplished and fine debut.cite web |title=Illusions | |url= |accessdate=2008-04-02]

* Sanctuary
* SkeletonwitchFormed in 2003, "Skeletonwitch" are considered part of the thrash revival era of bands. Their music style has the thrash format along with black metal and NWOBHM influences. Ed Rivadavia from Allmusic considered their second album, Beyond The Permafrost, to be "amongst the best retro-metal releases of 2007".cite web |title=Beyond The Permafrost | |url= |accessdate=2008-04-02]

* SlayerKnown for their anti-Christian themes as much for their music, "Slayer" is considered to be one of most distinctive, influential, and extreme thrash metal bands of the 1980s. Their downtuned rhythms, wildly chaotic guitar solos and graphically violent lyrics set the standards for the emerging death metal scene during the 80s. "Slayer" was one of the few bands that did not deviate from their thrash roots during the 90s. cite web |title=Slayer Biography | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-08 ] cite web |title=Slayer Why they rule | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-21 ] Their masterpiece, Reign in Blood, has been widely considered "the pinnacle of speed metal" and has been called "the heaviest album of all time" by Kerrang!.cite web |title=Reign in Blood | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-08 ] cite web |title=Kerrang! Hall Of Fame | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-21 ]

* Souls at Zero
* Stormtroopers of DeathIntended to be a one-off novelty side project by two Anthrax members, "Stormtroopers of Death" or "S.O.D." is considered by Allmusic as one of the crucial links in the musical chain linking hardcore punk with speed metal. Their notorious debut, Speak English or Die, featuring a whopping 22 tracks in under half an hour, was infamous for its raw musical power and silly, but sometimes racist and sexist humor.cite web |title=Speak English or Die | |url= |accessdate=2008-04-04] cite web |title=S.O.D. Biography| |url=|accessdate=2008-04-04]

* Suicidal TendenciesControversial hardcore punk band "Suicidal Tendencies" crossed-over into thrash after their classic self-titled debut in 1983. cite web |title=Suicidal Tendencies Biography | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-26] Their 1988 release, How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today, is considered to be one of their best efforts, along with their 1990's commercial success, Lights...Camera...Revolution!.cite web |title=How will I Laugh... Biography | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-26] cite web |title=Lights...Camera...Revolution! | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-26]

* Temple of Blood"Temple of Blood" is a Christian thrash metal band from Alabama. Their debut, Prepare for the Judgement of Mankind has received positive reviews in general from several webzines, including "No Life Til' Metal" and "Heaven's Metal" webzine of HM Magazine. cite web |title=Temple of Blood reviews| |url= |accessdate=2008-03-28]

* TestamentThe San Francisco quintet "Testament" is often quoted as the biggest thrash metal band never to reach the platinum plateau cite web |title=Testament Biography | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-23 ] , and as put by Ed Rivadavia of Allmusic, "Testament" were "once on the verge of (...) transforming the Big Four of Thrash into the "Big Five". cite web |title=Testament - The Ritual | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-23 ] Their debut, The Legacy was hailed as an instant classic within thrash metal circles. Alex Henderson of Allmusic cited The New Order as the band's "best offering ever", and called "Testament"'s cover of Aerosmith's "Nobody's Fault" in the album as "one of the band's finest accomplishments".cite web |title=New World Order| |url= |accessdate=2008-03-25]

* TourniquetChristian thrash metal trio "Tourniquet" have received several accolades, including being voted as "Favourite band of the decade (1990-1999)", amongst other categories on the 1999 HM Magazine Reader's Poll. cite web |title=Tourniquet News archive | |url= |accessdate=2008-03-28]

* Toxic Holocaust
* Toxik


* Ultimatum
* Uncle Slam
* Vengeance Rising
* Verbal Abuse
* Viking
* Vio-lenceOne of the late arrivals to the '80s thrash metal scene, San Francisco's "Vio-Lence" were heavily influenced by thrash pioneers Exodus.cite web |title=Vio-Lence Biography | |url=

* WarbringerCalifornia thrashers "Warbringer" are a part of the thrash metal re-emergence in the 2000s. Eduardo Rivadavia of Allmusic praised their impressive debut, "War Without End", for "synthesizing numerous first-wave influences into a consistently exciting and fresh-sounding batch of songs".cite web |title=War Without End | |url=

* WatchtowerTexas based progressive thrash outfit "Watchtower" are credited for creating "the blueprint progressive metal genre".cite web |title=Control and Resistance | |url=
] Their debut, Energetic Disassembly, is generally considered to be the recording most responsible for the development of the progressive metal genre.cite web |title=Energetic Disassembly | |url=

* Wehrmacht
* WhiplashNew Jersey thrashers "Whiplash", named after the Metallica song "Whiplash", were one of the second tier bands of the American thrash metal wave.cite web |title=Whiplash Biography | |url=
* Wrathchild America

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