Ranat (musical instrument)

Ranat (musical instrument)

"Ranat" ( _th. ระนาด; also spelled "ranad" or "ranaat") is the generic name for keyboard percussion instruments used in the music of Thailand. The bars of the various types of "ranat" may be made from hardwood or bamboo ("ranat ek" (ระนาดเอก) and "ranat thum" (ระนาดทุ้ม)), metal ("ranad ek lek" (ระนาดเอกเหล็ก) and "ranad thum lek" (ระนาดทุ้มเหล็ก)), or, much more rarely, glass ("ranat kaeo").

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*Ranat ek
*Ranat thum
*Ranat ek lek
*Ranat thum lek
*Ranat kaeo
*Bong lang
*Traditional Thai musical instruments


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