Ain Shams University

name = Ain Shams University

established = July, 1950
type = Public
president = Ahmed Zaki Badr
city = Cairo
state =
country = Egypt
undergrad = 170,000
postgrad =
staff = 8,800
mascot =
campus = Abbassia, Cairo
motto =
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Ain Shams University ( _ar. جامعة عين شمس) is an institute of higher education located in Cairo, Egypt. Founded in 1950, the university provides education at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.


Ain Shams University, was founded in July 1950, making it the third-oldest non-sectarian native public Egyptian university (ancient Islamic universities such as Al-Azhar and private institutions such as the American University in Cairo are older), under the name of "Ibrahim Pasha's University". It with the two earlier universities of this kind, Cairo University (Fuad I university) and Alexandria University (Farouk I university) had fulfilled the message of universities and meeting the increasing demand of youth for higher education. When it was first established, Ain Shams University comprised a number of distinguished faculties and academic institutes, which were later developed into university. [ [ Ain Shams University History] ]

After the military coup (revolution) that toppled the monarchy in 23 July 1952, it was suggested that Egyptian universities be given names that were strongly linked with the roots and historical landmarks of the country. Thus on February 21, 1954 the name of the university was changed to "Heliopolis", and then changed in the same year to its present name "Ain Shams", the Arabic name for "Heliopolis", or "O'n", which was the oldest university in history. "O'n" University was established about 5000 years ago, and it had a wide fame as a center of knowledge and learning, especially in astronomy, engineering and medicine. Perhaps a perfect example of the knowledge and skill of "O'n" teachers is Imhotep, the chief priest, minister, and architect, who in 2700 B.C. designed the first large structure of stone known in history, Zoser's Step Pyramid in Sakkara. Westcar Papyrus also states that the founder of the Fifth Dynasty was the Rector of "O'n" University before ascending the throne. However, the most important achievement of "O'n" University was the call for worshipping a single deity symbolized by the solar disk of Aton, at the hands of Akhenaton, who was influenced by the ideas of "O'n" priests.

In 1950, there were only eight faculties: faculty of Arts, faculty of law, faculty of Commerce, faculty of Science, faculty of Engineering, faculty of Medicine, faculty of Agriculture, and Women's college. In 1969, the faculty of Education, known since 1880 as Teachers' college, became the ninth faculty in the university. In 1973 the faculty of Al-Alsun was made the tenth member in the university. However, the history of this faculty dates back to 1835.

In 1994, a decree was issued for the establishment of two more faculties; the faculty of Pharmacy and the faculty of Dentistry, the actual study was started the following year in both faculties. In the same year, it was decided to establish the faculty of Computers and Information Sciences, and the study started the following year. The last faculty to join the university is the faculty of Specific Education, in 1998. Faculty of Nursing was established in 1980, and the Institute of Childhood Postgraduates Studies was established in 1981. The establishment of the Institute of Environmental Research and Studies was at 1982. Today, the university's academic structure includes a total of 14 faculties, 1 collage and 2 high institutes plus 12 centers and special Units. [ [ Ain Shams University Statistics] ]

The Emblem

The emblem of the university, the obelisk and two hawks, establishes a link between the name and the ancient history of the university. The obelisk stands for the house of life at the city of "O'n", whereas the two hawks are symbolic of Horus, the Egyptian God at that time.

Faculties, Collages & Institutes

* Faculty of Agriculture.
* Faculty of Arts.
* Faculty of Commerce.
* Faculty Computers And Information Science.
* Faculty of Education.
* Faculty of Engineering.
* Faculty of Dentistry.
* Faculty of Languages (Al Alsun).
* Faculty of Law.
* Faculty of Medicine.
* Faculty of Nursing.
* Faculty of Pharmacy.
* Faculty of Science.
* Faculty of Specific Education.
* Women's College.
* Institute of Environmental Studies and Research.
* Institute of Postgraduate Childhood.


Today, Ain Shams University has Eight campuses, two of them are in front of each other, separated by a main road, all of which are located in Greater Cairo. [ [ Ain Shams University Main Campus Map] ]

Main Campus

Located in Abbassiya, Cairo and houses:
Administration at the Zaafarana palace and Management, Science Education Development Center, Central Library, Child Hood Center and the University City (students hostel). In addition to the faculties of Computer Science, Science, Law and Art.

Khalifa Mamoun Campus

Located across the street from the Main Campus, this campus houses:
The faculties of Commerce, Pharmacy, and el-Alsun (languages), Institute of Postgraduate Childhood and Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, together with the Ain Shams specialized Hospital and the Guests House.

Faculty of Medicine Campus

Located in Abbassiya square behind the Noor Mosque(demerdash), is the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Nursing, in addition to the University teaching Hospitals and institutes.

Faculty Of Engineering Campus

In 1839, a School of Technical Operations was founded which in due course developed and became School of Arts and Industries in 1932, then later School of Applied Engineering. It continued to exercise its task until 1946 when a ministerial decree was issued giving the school the name of the Higher Institute of Engineering. When law No. 93 in 1950 was passed to establish Ibrahim Pacha University, the High Institute of Engineering became the nucleus of the Faculty of Engineering. The Faculty of Engineering, having completed its infrastructure and facilities, became one of the incorporated faculties of the University.It is located in Abassiya (Abdu Basha), El Sarayat Street , a 15 minute walk from the main campus, Now this large campus houses the school of engineering and a small stadium.

Women's College

Women’s College For Arts, Science and Education is considered an integrated academic institution that combines Humanities together with Basic, Applied and Educational Sciences in addition to Home Economics and Child Studies. The College seeks to respond to the requirements of society and the environment by supporting already existing curricula and devising other up-to-date ones that coincide with development. The College also aspires to form a genuine personality through curricula of Languages, Information Technology, Computer and Edification. Therefore, knowledge as well as scientific and applicable efficiency can be achieved.


Faculty of Specific Education, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Agriculture are located each on a separate campus in Abassia, Heliopolis and Shoubra El-Kheima.

Notable alumni

* Dr. Farouk El-Baz is an Egyptian American scientist who worked with NASA to assist in the planning of scientific exploration of the Moon, including the selection of landing sites for the Apollo missions and the training of astronauts in lunar observations and photography. He was born on January 2, 1938 in Zagazig. He received a B.Sc. in Chemistry and Geology from Ain Shams University. Currently, Dr. El-Baz is Research Professor and Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University, Boston MA, U.S.A. He is Adjunct Professor of Geology at the Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Geological Society of America Foundation, Boulder, CO, and a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, Washington, DC.
*Tarek Heggy is an Egyptian liberal political thinker and international petroleum strategist.
*Noora Elweya Qadry is a retired Egyptian Actress and sister of Poussi. She graduated in the Faculty of Commerce Ain Shams University in 1976.
*Fadel Soliman, is the director of Bridges Foundation, an international organization aiming to Bridge the gap between Muslims and non Muslims. He has graduated from Faculty of Engineering, Department of Communication and Electronics at Ain Shams University.
*Ali Gomaa the Grand Mufti of Egypt currently. He graduated from faculty of Commerce in 1973.
*Mohammed Mahdi Akef is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood. He graduated from the Faculty of Law Ain Shams University.
*Ammar el-Shereay the blind composer, graduated from the faculty of arts (English secton) in 1970.
*Awatef Serag Eldin the social activist and head of Garden city lions club. Graduated from faculty of Arts.
*Sayed Shehata Giza governerate governer. Graduated from faculty of enigeneering in 1967.
*Dr. Abdel-Moniem ibn Ali El-Ganayni is an Egyptian-born American nuclear physicist as senior scientist at Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory. He obtained his Bachelors of Science in Physics from Ain Shams University Faculty of Science in 1973.
* Ahmed Al-Azayda the Jordonian politacian, graduated from faculty of engineering in 1973.
* Yonan Labib Rizk the historian, journalist and writer. He graduated on 1955 from the faculty of arts.
* Prof Ahmed Okasha, President of the Egyptian Psychiatric Association and President of World Psychiatric Association (WPA) from 2002 through 2005 [ [ Ahmed Okasha from Psychiatric News] ] [ [ Ahmed Okasha from World Psychiatric Association] ]
* Prof Adel Sadek, psychiatrist, writer and philanthropist
* Prof Ali Khalifa, philanthropist, poet and biochemistry researcher
* Prof Mohammed Fathy Abdel Wahab, scientist of fevers and tropical disease [ [ Prof M F Abdel Wahab CV] ] [ [ one of his articles] ] [ [ Article about drug resistant Typoid fever] ] .
* Prof Ahmed Sami Khalifa, pediatric hematologist who was given the National Encouragement Award in Medical Sciences in 1982, and the National Recognition Award in Advanced Technological Sciences in 1998 [ [ Prof Ahmed Sani Khalifa] ] .
* Prof Poul Ghelliongy, internist and medical history writer (Arabic and Pharonic) [ [ Poul Gholiongy books] ] [ [ Paul Gheliongy in Arabic Encyclopedia] ]
* Prof Mohammed Sabbour, internist, scientist and founder of many medical societies
* Prof Abdel Moniem Ashour, psychogeriatrician, one of the founders of the International Psychogeriatrics Association (IPA), writer and founder of the Al-Zehimer Egypt Association [ [ IPA creation] ] [ [ IPA Growth] ] .
* Prof Hamdy El-Sayed, head of Parliament's Health Committee and Chairman of the Egyptian Doctors' Syndicate [ [ Hamdy Al Sayed] ]
* Prof Mohammed Awad Tagg Eldin, respiratory disease professor and former Minister of Health [ [ Mubarak return] ]
* Prof Maher Mahran, obstetrician, former Minister for Population and Family Welfare, and former Secretary General of the National Population Council of Egypt [ [ Maher Mahran talk] ] [ [ A study] ] [ [ Maher Mahran Statement on Egypt Population] ]
* Prof Ismael Sallam, cardiothoracic surgeon and former Minister of Health and Population from 1996 until 2002 [ [ Ismail Sallam profile] ] , one of the nine candidates for the position of World Health Organization Director-General.


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* [ Human Rights Watch: The Repression of Academic Freedom in Egyptian Universities.]

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