Alternative List

Alternative List

The Alternative List ("Alternative Liste") (AL) is a left-wing political party in Switzerland.

The AL exists since 1990 as a loose coalition of left-wing activists. At the beginning of 2007, the AL Zurich was transformed into a political union. Beside Zurich, the AL is active in the cantons of Schaffhausen and Aargau.

The AL works close together with the Swiss Labour Party, SolidaritéS and other leftist parties and organizations. The AL is part of the national alliance "Linke Alternative/À gauche toute!".


*2 seats in the council of canton Zurich
*4 seats in the city council of Zurich
*1 seat in the city council of Winterthur

*2 seats in the city council of Schaffhausen
*1 seat in the council of canton Schaffhausen

External links

*de icon [ Homepage of Alternative Liste Zurich]
*de icon [ Homepage of Alternative Liste Schaffhausen]
*de icon [ Homepage of Alternative Liste Winterthur]

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