Rhatigan Ridge, Edmonton

Rhatigan Ridge is a residential neighbourhood, overlooking the North Saskatchewan River valley, located in south west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is named for Thomas Rhatigan, an area farmer who was proclaimed "World Oat King" at Toronto's Royal Winter Fair in 1953, 1966 and 1970. [From the neighbourhood description in the City of Edmonton [http://maps.edmonton.ca map utility] .]

The neighbourhood is bounded on the east by Terwillegar Drive, on the south by Rabbit Hill Road, and on the north by 40 Avenue. The the west is the North Saskatchewan River.

Residential development

While residential development of the neighbourhood started in the 1970s, according to the 2001 federal census, the bulk of residential development occurred during the 1980s and 1990s. Two out of three (66.1%) of all the residences in the neighbourhood were built during the 1980s. Almost one in three (29.8%) were built during the 1990s One in twenty (4.1%) residences were constructed in 1980 or earlier. [http://censusdocs.edmonton.ca/DD23/FEDERAL%202001/Neighbourhood/RHATIGAN%20RIDGE.pdf]

The most common type of residence in the neighbourhood, according to the 2005 municipal census, is the single family dwelling. These account for nine out of every ten (90%) of all residences in the neighbourhood. Duplexes [Includes triplexes and fourplexes.] account for another 7% of all residences while the remaining 3% are row houses. Substantially all (98%) of all residences are owner occupied. [http://censusdocs.edmonton.ca/C05002/MUNICIPAL%202005/Neighbourhood/RHATIGAN%20RIDGE.pdf]


There are two schools in the neighbourhood. Earl Buxton Elementary School is operated by the Edmonton Public School System. St. Mary Elementary School is operated by the Edmonton Catholic School System.

urrounding neighborhoods

Canadian City Geographic Location (8-way)
Northwest = North Saskatchewan River
North = Ramsay Heights
Northeast = Bulyea Heights
West = North Saskatchewan River
Centre = Rhatigan Ridge
East = Bulyea Heights
Southwest = North Saskatchewan River
South = Falconer Heights, Henderson Estates
Southeast = Carter Crest


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* [http://censusdocs.edmonton.ca/DD34/MultiSource/Neighbourhood/RHATIGAN%20RIDGE.pdf Rhatigan Ridge Neighbourhood Profile]

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