Ghost Banana Tree

Infobox Film | name = Ghost Banana Tree
caption = Poster for "Ghost Banana Tree"
director = Heng Tola
producer = Heng Tola
writer = Moa Samnang
starring = Poan Pasda
Ly Taro
distributor = Campro production
released = July 24, 2004
runtime = 120 mins.
language = Khmer
budget =

"Ghost Banana Tree" is one of the khmer success horror film based on a Cambodian haunting ghost story about a vengeful ghost woman that climbs a banana tree to kill her husband.It's the fourth success horror film by Campro production after Neang Neath, The Forest and The Haunted House.


Ha!Handsome Man hides in Byemane Tree, I can't find you

Plot synopsis

The Story is follow the khmer old haunting tale begin with a new couple whos then, a husband was sent away to abroad for some business, while a wife who begin sick and drops dead later. Her spirit became dreadful and started haunting the villagers. However, when her husband returned with an unknown to his wife's death, start unlock his wife mystery when he saw his wife made her arm longer to scratched the lemon. He ran away for help however, his escaping couldn't be forever to his dead wife's seeking. When he made a fault to his plan, His wife's body was got out her grave and following him until he arrived the monk's house. He felt it safe there, so he's just prayed and closed his eye but near the monk's house, there were many banana tree which looked easy for his ghost wife, she climbed the banana tree and killed him, immediately. It ends when their spirit was flying to their next life together. Nowadays, the banana tree's traditional are keeping in Khmer people's attitude.

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