Notable inhabitants of Baton Rouge

Notable inhabitants, past and present

ports figures

* Willie Davenport Olympics Gold Medal Winner
* Seimone Augustus, WNBA guard for the Minnesota Lynx (b. 1984)
* Brandon Bass, NBA Power Forward for the Dallas Mavericks (b. 1985)
* Billy Cannon, former All-American and 1959 Heisman Trophy winner (b. 1937)
* Michael Clayton, NFL wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (b. 1982)
* Glen Davis, NBA forward for the Boston Celtics (b. 1986)
* David Dellucci, MLB outfielder for the Cleveland Indians (b. 1973)
* Warrick Dunn, NFL running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (b. 1975)
* Chad Durbin, MLB pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies (b. 1977)
* Alan Faneca, NFL guard for the Pittsburgh Steelers (b. 1976)
* Randall Gay, NFL cornerback for the New Orleans Saints (b. 1982)
* Darryl Hamilton, MLB outfielder for various clubs (b. 1964)
* Fred Haynes (1946-2006), LSU football great, 1964-1968
* Russ Johnson, major league infielder (b. 1973)
* Lolo Jones, American track and field athlete
* Stefan LeFors, NFL quarterback ex-Carolina Panthers; CFL Edmonton Eskimos (b. 1981)
* Pete Maravich, NBA
* Travis Minor, NFL running back St.Louis Rams
* Shaquille O'Neal, NBA
* Jonathan Papelbon, MLB pitcher for the Boston Red Sox (b. 1980)
* Carly Patterson, Olympic gold medalist (b. 1988)
* Bob Pettit, Basketball Hall of Famer (b. 1932)
* Andy Pettitte, MLB pitcher for the New York Yankees (b. 1972)
* Bobby Phills, former professional basketball player (d. 2000)
* Ben Sheets, MLB pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers (b. 1978)
* Marcus Spears, NFL defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys (b. 1982)
* Jim Taylor, Football Hall of Famer (b. 1935)
* Tyrus Thomas, NBA forward for the Chicago Bulls (b. 1986)
* Reggie Tongue, NFL safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, and Oakland Raiders []
* Kevin Windham, professional motocross racer
* Reggie Torbor, NFL Linebacker for the Miami Dolphins (b.1981)
* Mickey Marshall, BMX professional rider


* Wes Brown, actor We Are Marshall, Glory Road, Beach Girls.
* Andrei Codrescu, writer
* Donna Douglas, actress from The Beverly Hillbillies (b. 1933)
* Wesley Eure, actor/author
* John Fred, singer, best known for the song "Judy in Disguise (With Glasses)" (1941-2005)
* Dale Houston, singer, best known for the song "I'm Leaving It Up To You" (1940-2007)
* Randy Jackson, musician, record producer, and American Idol judge (b. 1956)
* Chris Thomas King, American blues musician and actor (b. 1962)
* Lil Boosie, rap artist (b. 1983)
* Master P, rap artist
* Reiley McClendon, actor (b. 1990)
* John McConnell, actor, radio personality (b. 1958)
* Cleo Moore, actress (d. 1973)
* Elemore Morgan, Jr, landscape painter and photographer (b. 1931)
* James Paul, Conductor Emeritus of the Baton Rouge Symphony (b. 1940)
* Tabby Thomas, blues musician and club owner (b. 1929)
* Pruitt Taylor Vince, character actor (b. 1960)
* Webbie, rap artist (b. 1985)
* Shane West, actor (b. 1978)
* Lynn Whitfield, actress
* C-Loc, rap artist
* Max Minelli, rap artist (b.1980)
* Trent Dawson, actor from As the World Turns (b.1971)
* John Mese, actor (b.1963)
* Cameron Richardson, Actress, Adrift (b.09/11/1979)
* Steven Soderbergh, Director
* Bill Conti, Conductor
* Bailey Purvis, Finalist on High School Musical:Get in the Picture
* Stormy Daniels, female pornstar and porn director (b.1979)


* Jesse Bankston (b. 1907), centenarian president of Louisiana Public Broadcasting; longterm member of the Democratic State Central Committee; former confidant of Earl Kemp Long
* Gary Beard (b. 1956), former member of Louisiana House of Representatives (R)
* Murphy Bell (1921-2008), civil rights attorney (D)
* James H. Boyce (1922-1990), Caterpillar Company industrialist and chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party, 1972-1976
* Jack Breaux, first Republican mayor of a Louisiana community, mayor of Zachary in East Baton Rouge Parish from 1966 until his death in 1980
* Overton Brooks, former Louisiana Democratic U.S. representative from 1937-1961, representing the Shreveport district (d. 1961), D
* H. Rap Brown, African American activist imprisoned in Georgia
* James H. "Jim" Brown, former state senator, secretary of state, and state insurance commissioner (b. 1940), D
* Ossie Brown, (1926-2008), former East Baton Rouge Parish district attorney (1972-1984), D
* Victor Bussie (b. 1919), former president of Louisiana AFL-CIO. D
* Theo Cangelosi, (1911-1992), former state representative, lawyer, banker, gubernatorial advisor, D
* Carl Crane, state representative from Baton Rouge, 1984-2008, R
* J.D. DeBlieux (1912-2005), state senator from East Baton Rouge Parish; perhaps the first white politician in the era of desegregation to embrace the civil rights agenda, D
* Charles H. Dillemuth (1912-1989), real estate businessman for whom the "Charles H. Dillemuth Humanitarian of the Year Award" is named; congressional candidate in 1960, civic leader, R
* William J. "Bill" Dodd (1909-1991), state representative, lieutenant governor, state auditor, member of Louisiana Board of Education, state education superintendent
* W.W. "Woody" Dumas, former mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish, D
* Jeff Fortenberry, U.S. representative from Nebraska (b. 1960), R
* Clark Gaudin, attorney and first Republican state representative from East Baton Rouge Parish since Reconstruction (b. 1931), R
* Kip Holden, Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish (b. 1952), D
* Louis E. "Woody" Jenkins, former Louisiana state representative and three-time U.S. Senate candidate (b. 1947), R
* Bobby Jindal, Governor and Louisiana congressman, R
* Donald Ray Kennard, Louisiana state representative from East Baton Rouge and Livingston parishes since 1976, R
* Claude Kirkpatrick (1917-1997), member of the Louisiana House of Representatives (1952-1960] from Jefferson Davis Parish, director of Louisiana Department of Public Works (1960-1964), candidate for governor in 1963, instigator of Toledo Bend Reservoir, president of Baton Rouge General Hospital, and builder of three shopping centers in Baton Rouge, D
*Edith Killgore Kirkpatrick (b. 1918), former member of Louisiana Board of Regents, D
* Elmer Litchfield (b. 1927), sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish from 1983 to 2006, R
* Chuck McMains, former state representative and Baton Rouge lobbyist, R
* Henson Moore, U.S. representative from Sixth Congressional District, 1975-1987, R
* Robert Fred "Bob" Odom, state agriculture commissioner, 1980-2008, D
* Dan Richey, former state legislator and political consultant (b. 1948), R
* Buddy Roemer, former governor and Baton Rouge businessman (b. 1943), R
* Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council (b. 1963), R
* Zachary Taylor, American military leader and the twelfth President of the United States(1784 – 1850), W
* Minden from 1936-1940, taught journalism at LSU and completed his law degree there as well, D
* Sandra Thompson, environmentalist and former director of the Atchafalaya Basin Project, R
* David Treen, former Louisiana governor (b. 1928), R

Military commanders

* John A. Lejeune, 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps from 1920-1929 (1867-1942)
* Robert H. Barrow, 27th Commandant of the Marine Corps from 1979-1983 (b. 1922)


* David French Boyd (1834-1899), former president and professor at LSU
* Thomas Duckett Boyd, former president and professor at LSU
* Ed Cullen, "Baton Rouge Morning Advocate" columnist, National Public Radio essayist, author of "Letter in a Woodpile"
* Kenneth L. Dixon, journalist
* Margaret Dixon, first woman managing editor of the "Morning Advocate" (1949-1970), crusader for prison reform and assistance to the mentally ill
* Mike Dunne (1949-2007), environmental reporter for the "Morning Advocate"
* Stephan Kinsella, American intellectual property lawyer and libertarian legal theorist (b. 1965)
* Lars Kestner, author
* Albert H. Meier, scientist and inventor
* John LaPlante (1953-2007), Capitol Bureau chief for the "Morning Advocate"
* Lewis P. Simpson, author, editor, and professor at LSU
* Eric Voegelin, (1901–1985), political theorist and professor at LSU
* H. Jesse Walker, geographer and Boyd professor at LSU
* Eugene Wigner, Nobel Prize-winning physicist and emeritus professor at Louisiana State University
* T. Harry Williams, Pulitzer Prize winning author and professor at LSU
* Joe Giaime, physics professor at LSU, head of the LIGO Livingston Observatory

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