Soma Peries

Infobox animanga character
name = Soma Peries
series = Mobile Suit Gundam 00

caption =
first = Episode 4, Foreign Negotiations
last =
creator =
voiced by = Arisa Ogasawara (Japanese)cite web|url=|title="Mobile Suit Gundam 00" (TV)|publisher=Anime News Network|accessdate=2007-10-10]
Tabitha St. Germain (English) []
alias = Marie (real name)
age = 18 (Season 1)
23 (Season 2)
height = 186cm
born =
death =
nationality = Human Reform League
occupation = HRL's Supersoldier
relatives =
divider = yes
aux1 name = Allegiance
aux1 = Human Reform League
aux2 name = Rank
aux2 = Second Lieutenant
aux3 name = Mobile weapons
aux3 = MSJ-06 II-SP Tieren Taozi

nihongo|Soma Peries|ソーマ・ピーリス is a fictional character in the Gundam series, "Mobile Suit Gundam 00". At her first appearance, she pilots the MSJ-06 II-SP Tieren Taozi, but eventually abandons it for one of the semi-mass produced GNX-603T GN-X units.


First Season

A "supersoldier" with the rank of Second Lieutenant. She was sent to the HRL's headquarters and introduced to Sergei in his goal to capture a Gundam. She had been enhanced by scientists from the Super Soldier Special Duty Organization. She is a designer baby, enhanced through experiments by the HRL's supersoldier division. She and Allelujah Haptism shared a mental connection as they were both experiments in the HRL. This caused her to go berserk in one incident and was later given a special suit to prevent this.

She holds a special grudge against Gundam Kyrios' pilot, knowing that he is an enhanced human who 'betrayed' his own kind when he destroyed the supersoldier research facility. After a recent battle in which Kyrios used the Trans-Am system to defeat her, she becomes unnerved by the idea that a 'defective product' could outmatch her 'superior' genes. She later calls Allelujah by an experiment ID number, indicating that she may have discovered his true identity.

She seems to view Sergei Smirnov as a paternal figure, because he may have been the first person to show any sort of care for her as a human being. During Episode 25, she even foregoes the chance of utterly defeating Allelujah, and instead leaves her GN-X to rescue Sergei from his own crippled GN-X; by doing this, Allelujah recognized her as Marie, someone from his super soldier past.

Her status after the events of Episode 25 are not known; she is not seen in the episode's epilogue (unlike Sergei, who can be seen as part of a pilot lineup).

econd Season

Four years have past since the battle against Celestial Being has ended, Soma Peries is now living with Sergei Smirnov. She later meets Sergei's son Andrei who is now a member of A-Laws and has come to recruite Soma as another member. Soma was surprised as Sergei never mentioned that he had a son.


As a Super Soldier, Soma has proven herself to be far superior than any other soldiers from the organization or the HRL. She first appears as a cold-hearted person with no sense of tragedy nor sadness. Repeated encounters with the Gundam Kyrios cause her to develop a sense of hatred towards the pilot, particularly after learning he destroyed the HRL's complex to produce Super Soldiers.

Soma is driven to prove herself as the perfect Super Soldier, furthered by failing several missions to capture any of the Gundams, usually the Kyrios. She eventually learns that the Kyrios' pilot is a failed experiment of the Super Soldier project, known as E-0057 (Allelujah Haptism) and wonders why he is able to out-match her though incomplete. Her eagerness to defeat Allelujah is to prove she is a true Super Soldier and becomes increasingly annoyed that he is not affected by her neuro-brain waves as he was during their previous encounters.

Though Soma's priorities become focused on defeating Allelujah, it is revealed that she is not as cold-hearted as she appears. In episode 25, she and Sergei both fight Allelujah and are surprised that he is able to outmatch both of them. Though she is skilled, Allelujah (and his alter-ego, Hallelujah) comment that he, despite being a failed experiment, is the true Super Soldier because his abilities rely on a combination of intelligence and reflexes instead of animal-like instincts. Soma is nearly killed in combat, but is saved by Sergei, who is severely injured in the process to provide her an opportunity to strike back against the Kyrios' pilot.

Soma takes advantage of the opportunity to attack the Kyrios, but does not finish off the pilot out of concern for Sergei. She had stopped fighting because she cared about Sergei and recognized that she did not want to lose him and be left alone.

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