Two Colours EP

Infobox Album | Name = Two Colours EP
Type = EP
Artist = Feeder

Released = September, 1995
Recorded = ?
Genre = Grunge rock
Length = 7:19
Label = Echo
Producer = Feeder
Reviews = | Last album =
This album = "Two Colours EP"
Next album = "Swim EP"

"Two Colours EP" was Feeder's first release on The Echo Label. Released on a 7" and a CD in 1995 (see 1995 in music), it is one of the hardest Feeder records to find nowadays (the hardest is a 12" White Label vinyl of their hit single "Buck Rogers", limited to 11 copies) , occasionally a copy will become available on eBay. The two songs were later re-recorded and re-released with both appearing as b-sides on the "Cement" single. "Chicken On A Bone" was also included on the re-release of "Swim".

The EP was originally only available at Feeder's early gigs and only around 1500 copies were ever produced on CD, along with around 1000 on 7" single. [ Feeder Anorak "Two Colours" CD info page] ] [ Feeder Anorak "Two Colours" 7" info page] ]

It is due to its rarity that the single often sells for prices over 40 pounds on the auction site, with the highest being over £100. As Feeder have got more popular, the value of the single has increased.

Track listing

#"Chicken On A Bone" – 3:28
#"Pictures Of Pain" - 3:40


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