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Name = Insatiable

Artist = Darren Hayes
from Album = Spin
Released = 19 February 2002
Format =
Recorded = 2002
Genre = Pop
Length = 5:10
Label = Roadshow Music
Writer = Darren Hayes
Walter Afanasieff
Producer = Walter Afanasieff
Darren Hayes
Chart position = *#1 (New Zealand)
*#3 (Australia)
*#8 (UK)
*#11 (Canada)
*#21 (Latvia)
*#77 (US)
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This single = "Insatiable"
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"Insatiable" is the début solo single released by Australian singer, Darren Hayes in 2002.

Music video

The music video is directed by Alek Keshishian and has Darren Hayes looking at videos of an actress that he is infatuated with. The video shows Darren Hayes has allowed his hair to grow and is blonde (which is his natural hair colour)

ong information

The protagonist of the song describes his love for an actress and how his love for her is insatiable. The songs lyrics are very sexual and use euphemisms with erotic overtones. Hayes alludes to narcolepsy preventing him from having meaningful sexual encounters.

Track listing

There are three major versions of the single; the Limited Edition and Parts one and two (or CD1 and CD2). The Limited Edition of the single was only available for the first week of release before the other two versions were made available.

Limited Edition

# "Insatiable" (Album Version) – 5:10
# "Insatiable" (Calderone Club Mix) – 9:52
# "Insatiable" (Pablo Larosa's Funktified Mix) – 6:38
# "Insatiable" (Specificus 'Insomniac' Mix) – 5:57
# "Insatiable" ('dp versus Darren Hayes' Mix) – 5:47
# "Insatiable" (Specificus 'Let It Go' Mix) - 5:07

Part One

# "Insatiable" (Album Version) – 5:10
# "Falling At Your Feet" (Original Demo Recording) – 4:59
# "Insatiable" (Metro Mix) – 6:19

Part Two

# "Insatiable" (Album Version) – 5:10
# "Ride" (Original Demo Recording) – 4:49
# "Insatiable" (Calderone Radio Edit) – 6:30


Limited Edition

*Walter Afanasieff produced the album version of "Insatiable"
*Darren Hayes wrote and co-produced the album version of "Insatiable"
*Robert Conley programs the album version
*Nick Thomas is the engineer
*The orchestra was arranged and conducted by David Campbell, contracted by Suzi Katayama, engineered by Dave Reitzas and recorded at Ocean Way Recording
*Victor Calderone provides additional production on the Calderone Club Mix
*Pablo R. Larosa remixes for the Pablo Larosas Mix
*Erik Hanson provides additional guitars for the Pablo Larosa's Mix
*dp and K. Roxwell (of Specificus) remixes for the Specificus 'Insomniac' Mix and Specificus 'Let It Go' Mix
*dp, of Specificus, remixes for the 'Darren Hayes Versus Dp' Mix

Part One

*Rick Nowels produces, alongside Darren Hayes, the track "Falling At Your Feet"
*Wayne Rodrigues does drum programming for "Falling At Your Feet"
*Randy Wine engineers for "Falling At Your Feet"
*Jeff Taylor and Mark Taylor add additional production to "Insatiable" for the Metro Mix.

Part Two

*Rick Nowels produces, alongside Darren Hayes, the track "Ride"
*Mike Mani provides drum programming for "Ride"
*Solomon Khan is the DJ for "Ride"
*Kent Matcke engineers "Ride"

External links

*YouTube|kiXWoWtLex4|"Insatiable" Music Video

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