Tonic And Tequila

Tonic And Tequila (TT) is a local drink from Stockholm, most commonly found in the northern parts of Stockholm and the suburban "Västerort".


TT is short for "Tonic and Tequila" and was dubbed so for the ingredients and the taste (resembling regular Tequila).


The drink is sometimes called "TnT", from a misunderstanding of the original meaning of the name. This happens most commonly in England where TT have not become such a hit yet.


TT is based upon
* Tequila: 6 cl (a "hunch" of Tequila)
* Tonic: 12 cl (two "hunches", often filling up the rest of the glass)
* 2 Lime Wedges
* Ice, depending on the temperature of the drink (see below)


Depending on the wanted temperature of the drink, you should have about 4-5 large ice cubes for a normal drink, 6-7 for a very cold and 1-2 for a "hot" drink.


For added taste, add 1-2 extra Lime Wedges, although this may have the effect of not making it a TT anymore. See above ingredients for the original drink recipe.


The drink was created after experiments by "Christian" and "Oscar". After they ran out of gin for Gin and Tonic they still had Tequila left so they decided to make a new drink. At first it wasn't such a hit but it got the job done and that's what they wanted. It has been a standard drink on most parties in northern Stockholm since 2008.

In popular culture

The drink appears in an altered form during the finale of the first season of the American dramatic television series "Lost", as Ana Lucia Cortez is seen ordering a "tequila and tonic", with lemon rather than lime. ["Lost: The Complete First Season", Buena Vista Home Entertainment]

ee also

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