Democratic Party of the Atlantic

Democratic Party of the Atlantic
Democratic Party of the Atlantic
Partido Democrático do Atlântico
Founded November 5, 1979 (1979-11-05)
Headquarters Largo 2 de Março, 65 9500-152, Ponta Delgada
Ideology Centrism,
Political position Centre
Official colours Blue
Politics of Portugal
Political parties

The Democratic Party of the Atlantic (Partido Democrático do Atlântico; Portuguese pronunciation: [pɐɾˈtidu dɨmuˈkɾatiku du ɐˈtlɐ̃tiku]) is one of the political parties in Portugal, without parliamentary representation. It is a small party whose electorate concentrates itself in São Miguel island, in the Azores. PDA promotes, officially, not independence, but home rule for the Azores, following the example of the Bermudas. It seldom gets more than 1% of the votes, even in the Azores.

A centre party, with a very diminute number of supporters, PDA, despite his separatist views, supported Socialist Manuel Alegre in the Portuguese presidential election of 2006.

In the last Portuguese Regional legislative election in the Azores, held in 2004, the PDA got the insignificant number of 284 votes. For the Portuguese legislative election, held in 2005, the PDA got 1,618 votes.

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