Sicko Sjaerdema

Sikke Sjaardema (- 1260), was the eighth potestaat of Friesland, a province of the Netherlands. The potestaat was the elected provincial ruler.


Sikko, Sikke or Sicka Syarda came from Ylst or IJlst, (Elostoe in Latin), and was elected to Potestaat by the men of Friesland in 1237.

Count William II of Holland offered Sicko regional rule on the Friesian lands. This offer can be read in the reference [PDFlink| [ The letter of Sicko to Count Willem II] |11.9 KB ]

Around the year 1250 Sikke Sjaardema made IJlst the province's capital where municipal laws were judged.

The city flag is a blue field with a left half French lily, in the middle of an arrow up, a right - right French lily and 3 six pointed stars.

Sicko had a military success in 1252. Abel, the "King of Norway" fell in East Friesland. The Frisians killed king Abel and many of his troops on 12 June 1252. [ [ Annales Erphordenses] record "Abel rex Dacie" was killed "1252 pridie Kal Iul" by the Frisians] Petrus Thaborita had the year as 1250 which is almost correct, and that Abel was king of Denmark.

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