First Flight (Enterprise)

First Flight (Enterprise)

Infobox Star Trek episode
series = Enterprise
name = First Flight

ep_num = 50
prod_num = 224
date = May 14, 2003
writer = John Shiban Chris Black
director = LeVar Burton
guest = Brigid Brannagh Vaughn Armstrong Keith Carradine
stardate = unknown
year = 2153
prev = Regeneration
next = Bounty

"First Flight" is the title of a "" television episode from season two.


Captain Jonathan Archer receives word that his friend, Captain A.G. Robinson, has been killed in a climbing accident on Earth. Saddened by this news, and wanting to be alone for a while, Archer decides to take a shuttlepod to examine what is believed to be the first dark matter nebula ever observed. Sub-Commander T'Pol insists on going along; although her stated reason is scientific curiosity about the nebula, it's clear she wants to provide some sort of support for her friend.

During the mission, Archer tells T'Pol about Robinson, leading to a series of flashbacks to the earliest days of the NX program, in which Robinson and Archer were colleagues and rivals for the first command of a Warp 5 starship. Archer relates how he befriended his future chief engineer Charles Tucker III and how early experiments with warp power nearly ended the NX program a decade before the launch of "Enterprise".

hip paintings

*On the wall of the 602 Club, a bar frequented by Starfleet personnel, are paintings of several historical vessels:
** One is of the ringed "Enterprise" originally seen in "".
** A picture of Zefram Cochrane's "Phoenix" also appears.
** There is also a picture of the DY-100 class sleeper ship, S.S. "Botany Bay", which Khan Noonien Singh had used in the original series episode "Space Seed" and "".


* [ Episode Information]

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