The Fourth Dimension (company)

The Fourth Dimension was a major publisher of games for the BBC Micro/Electron and Acorn Archimedes/RiscPC between 1989 and 1998. Previously, The Fourth Dimension had been known as Impact Software, which specialised mainly in BBC Micro games.

Following the demise of Acorn and the subsequent contraction of the RISC OS games market, The Fourth Dimension brand and rights to the software back-catalogue was acquired by CJE Micro's (sic), who later sold the rights to the software to APDL, the Archimedes Public Domain Library.

List of games published by The Fourth Dimension

*Apocalypse (Gordon J. Key, 1990)
*Arcade Soccer ( [ Peter Gillett] , 1989)
*Birds of War
*Black Angel (Gordon J. Key, 1992)
*Boogie Buggy (Coin-Age, 1991)
*Break 147 & Superpool (Gordon J. Key, 1991)
*Carnage Inc. (Coding: Chris & Stuart Fludger; Graphics: Andrew Jackson; Screen & puzzle design: Chris Fludger; Vector Graphics: Stuart Fludger 1993)
*Cataclysm (David Postlethwaite)
*Chocks Away (Andrew Hutchings)
*Chocks Away Extra Missions (Andrew Hutchings)
*Chopper Force
*Cyber Chess (William Tunstall-Pedoe, 1993)
*Custom McCoy (4 games chosen by buyer from list of appliable games)
*Demon's Lair (Dr. Kevin Martin)
*Drop Ship (Andrew Catling, 1990)
*The Dungeon
*Enter The Realm (Audio, Visual & Code: Graeme Richardson, Music: [ Peter Gillett] , 1991)
*E-Type (Gordon J. Key, 1989)
*E-Type Track Designer (Gordon J. Key, 1989)
*E-Type Compendium (Gordon J. Key)
*E-Type 2 (Gordon J. Key)
*The Exotic Adventures of Sylvia Layne
*Galactic Dan (Coding: Ian Holmes; Graphics: James Davidson, 1992)
*Grievous Bodily 'ARM (Software Engineering: Simon Hallam; Graphics: Sophie Neal; Music: The Byford Brothers, 1991)
*Haunted House (Gordon J. Key)
*Holed Out! (Gordon J. Key, 1989)
*Holed Out Designer (Gordon J. Key, 1990)
*Holed Out Extra Courses Vol. 1 & 2 (Gordon J. Key)
*Holed Out Compendium (Gordon J. Key, 1991)
*Inertia (David Postlethwaite, 1990)
*Man At Arms (Coding: Matthew Atkinson; Music: [ Peter Gillett] , 1990)
*Nevryon (Coding & Graphics: Graeme Richardson; Music: [ Peter Gillett] , 1990)
*The Olympics (1990)
*Pandora's Box (Coding: Chris & Stuart Fludger; Graphics: Andrew Jackson; Additional Graphics: Chris Fludger; Title Music: Simon Carless, 1992)
*Powerband (Gordon J. Key, 1990)
*Pysanki (Coding: Matthew Atkinson; Music: David Postlethwaite, 1990)
*Real McCoy Compendium series
**Real McCoy 1 - "Arcade Soccer", "Quazer" , "U.I.M" and "White Magic" (1990)
**Real McCoy 2 - "Apocalypse", "Holed Out!", "Inertia" and "The Olympics" (1991)
**Real McCoy 3 - "Drop Ship", "Nevryon", "Powerband" and "The Wimp Game".
**Real McCoy 4 - "Catacylsm", "Galactic Dan", "Grievous Bodily 'ARM" and "X-Fire".
**Real McCoy 5 - "Anti-Grav", "Chopper Force", "Demon's Lair" and "Pandora's Box".
**Real McCoy 6 - "Bloodlust", "Carnage Inc.", "Silverball" and "Technodream".
*Saloon Cars (Andy Swain)
*Saloon Cars Deluxe (Andy Swain)
*Saloon Cars Deluxe Extra Courses Vol. 1 (Andy Swain)
*Spobbleoid Fantasy (Graeme Richardson, 1995)
*Starfighter 3000 (Fednet Andrew Hutchings and Tim Parry, 1994)
*Stunt Racer 2000 (Fednet Andrew Hutchings and Tim Parry, 1993)
*The Time Machine (Gordon J. Key)
*U.I.M: Ultra Intelligent Machine
*Virtual Golf (Gordon J. Key)
*White Magic (John Whigham, 1989)
*White Magic 2 (John Whigham, 1989)
*The Wimp Game (Thomas E.H. Nunns, 1990)
*X-Fire (The Soft Lads Mark Neves, Martin Portman and Paul Carrol, 1992)

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* [ The APDL homepage]
* [ 4D at CJE Micro's]

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