Lost & Found (Australian Crawl album)

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Label = EMI
Producer = Peter Blyton
Bill McDonough
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"Lost & Found" is a compilation album of recording studio sessions credited to members of Australian Crawl and other artists;cite web |url=http://www.jamesreyne.com.au/forum/index.php?topic=201.0 |title="Lost & Found" album insert |publisher=James Reyne Official website |accessdate=2008-04-15 ] it includes tracks originally recorded with Guy McDonough and released on his 1985 posthumous solo album "My Place".cite web |url=http://www.ebuyrecordstore.com/MCDONOUGH-GUY-MY-PLACE-LP-p-17541.html |title=Guy McDonough - "My Place" |publisher=www.ebuyrecordstore.com |accessdate=2008-03-31 ] cite web |url=http://www.nwoutpost.com/mfv_detail.asp?mfv_id=220 |title=Obscure 80's/MFV Archive |publisher=New Wave Outpost |accessdate=2008-03-31 ] [cite web |url=http://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/australian_crawl/lost_and_found/ |title="Lost & Found" by Australian Crawl |publisher=Rate Your Music |accessdate=2008-04-05 ] cite web |url=http://www.australiancrawl.com/ |title="Lost & Found" by members of Australian Crawl |publisher=www.australiancrawl.com |accessdate=2008-04-05 ] Guy McDonough had been Australian Crawl's guitarist, vocalist and song-writer from late 1980 until his death in 1984.cite book |title=Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop |url=http://www.informationbrasil.com.br/diversao/musica/biografias/AUSTRALIAN%20CRAWL.doc |format=doc |last=McFarlane |first=Ian |authorlink= Ian McFarlane |publisher=Allen & Unwin |year=1999 |isbn=1-86448-768-2 |accessdate=2008-03-19 ] cite web |url=http://hem.passagen.se/honga/database/a/australiancrawl.html |title=Australian Rock Database entry on Australian Crawl |publisher=Magnus Holmgren |accessdate=2008-03-19 ] Former Australian Crawl drummer Bill McDonough (Guy's older brother) and producer Peter Blyton compiled, produced and mixed the tracks for "Lost & Found".cite web |url=http://hem.passagen.se/honga/database/m/mcdonoughguy.html |title=Australian Rock Database entry on Guy McDonough |publisher=Magnus Holmgren |accessdate=2008-03-21 ]


In mid 1996, former Australian Crawl drummer Bill McDonough and producer Peter Blyton uncovered 24 lost track recordings, some of which were to become "Lost & Found". Copyrights that McDonough had collected and archived resulted in six reel to reel tapes containing a collection of about 17 original songs by Crawl songwriters.

The tapes had suffered slight damage due to poor storage so McDonough and Blyton traveled to Germany where the tapes were restored and transferred onto new tape stock at the EMI studios in Cologne. Next stop, Peak Studios in Dusseldorf where, for two weeks they sifted through the tapes and digitally re-mixed and re-mastered as many songs as possible, resulting in thirteen re-mastered tracks.

My Place sampler

Seven of the tracks were from Guy McDonough's album "My Place", which had been produced by Bill McDonough. Musicians joining Guy McDonough included Bill McDonough (drums), Sean Higgins (keyboards) and Nigel Spencer (bass) (all former bandmates in The Flatheads), Mick Hauser (saxophone) and Michael Bright (guitar). "My Place" tracks include "Too Many People" a duet sung by Guy McDonough with Colin Hay of Men at Work. [cite web |url=http://menatwork.com.br/novo/en/part.htm |title=Participações (Participation) |publisher=menatwork.com.br |accessdate=2008-03-31 ] Some "My Place" tracks have Crawl's James Reyne singing backing vocals.

Track listing

# "Things Don't Seem" (Guy McDonough, Sean Higgins) - 3:48^
# "Too Many People" (Nigel Spencer, William "Bill" McDonough) - 3:41^
# "My Place" (G McDonough, W McDonough) - 3:13^
# "Without You" (G McDonough, J McDonough, W McDonough) - 3:46^
# "Oh Boy" (Higgins, Spencer, W McDonough) - 3:45
# "Who Said" (G McDonough, W McDonough) - 2:56^
# "Don't Go" (McDonough) - 3:32
# "Yesterday" (W McDonough) - 3:28
# "What's in it for Me" (G McDonough, Michael Bright, W McDonough) - 3:55^
# "Never Said" (Higgins, W McDonough) - 3:52
# "Lies & Kisses" (Higgins, W McDonough) - 3:51
# "Footsteps" (Higgins, Spencer, McDonough) - 3:28
# "Memory" (Higgins, W McDonough) - 4:11^

Songwriting credits are from Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) [cite web |url=http://www.apra.com.au/site/public/searchworksresult.stm |title=Australasian Performing Right Association |publisher=APRA|accessdate=2008-03-04 ] except tracks 7 and 12 from album insert.

^ Indicates track also on Guy McDonough's album "My Place".

"Things Don't Seem" was also a 1981 Australian Crawl single from "Sirocco".


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