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Infobox animanga character
name = Sergei Smirnov
series = Mobile Suit Gundam 00

caption =
first = Episode 1, Celestial Being
last =
creator =
voiced by = Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese)cite web|url=|title="Mobile Suit Gundam 00" (TV)|publisher=Anime News Network|accessdate=2008-02-05]
Michael Dobson (English) []
alias = Wild Bear of Russia
age = 43 (Season 1)
48 (Season 2)
height =
born = 2264
death =
nationality = Russia
relatives = Andrei Smirnov (son)
divider = yes
aux1 name = Allegiance
aux1 = Human Reform League
Earth Sphere Federation
aux2 name = Rank
aux2 = Lieutenant Colonel
aux3 name = Mobile weapons
aux3 = MSJ-06 II-C Tieren High Mobility Type
MSJ-06 II-E Tieren Space Type
nihongo|Sergei Smirnov|セルゲイ・スミルノフ is a fictional character in the Gundam series, "Mobile Suit Gundam 00". In episode 3, he piloted the MSJ-06 II-C Tieren High Mobility Type, he then pilot the MSJ-06 II-E Tieren Space Type after the HRL's special forces unit, 'Chobu', was formed, and he currently pilots the GNX-603T GN-X.

The name was taken from a 1950's Russian security services official known as Sergei Mikhailovich Smirnov.


eason 1

A Lieutenant Colonel and a MS team commander of the Human Reform League.

At the age of 25, he was a known veteran in the 4th Solar War in the year 2289 and earned the name "Wild Bear of Russia". He is an excellent strategist, & as seen in episode 9, he sometimes countering Sumeragi's strategies and creates different kinds of formations for his Mobile Suit Team. Like spinning around in circles opening and closing to avoid the GN Fangs.

When Sergei visited Ceylon Island in episode 3, he heard a Gundam is attacking one of the HRL's base & decides to go to where the Gundam is. With him pilotting the MSJ-06 II-C Tieren High Mobility Type, he has first saw the Gundam Exia, as this was his first time witnessing the Gundam. After his attempt to defeat the Gundam Exia, he was overpowered and was easily defeated by it.

Impressed by its power, he was ordered to obtain a Gundam, and was also ordered to look after a Supersoldier name Soma Peries.When a HRL's Gravity Block was separated by the brain-wave affected Soma in her Tieren Taozi mobile suit, and was about to head towards the Earth's atmosphere, Sergei has no choice but to push the Gravity Block away, within the Gravity Block are over 200 people with Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy included. With not enough power from his Tieren Space Type mobile suit, he was assisted by the Gundam Kyrios and later heard the voice of the pilot who tells the people to go to the center of the Gravity Block, but wonders why Celestial Being is involved in this rescue operation. With Sergei telling the Kyrios pilot that they have done enough, a large Beam just came from the Earth surface and separated the other two Gravity Block, leaving only the center one. With its full blast, the Kyrios pilot pushed away the Gravity Block and saved the people inside. The Gundam Kyrios left, with Sergei feeling somewhat thankful to him.

When Sergei lead the HRL's newly formed special force squad, 'Chobu', and launched an attack on the Ptolemaios, he was forced to retreat after the loss of over 20 Tieren, and one of his men who was killed by Gundam Kyrios, who he later discovered that the Kyrios pilot is the same type as Soma.

After the three nations received a GN Drive Tau from Antarctica by an unknown individual from Celestial Being, they formed a United Nation Army, Sergei & the other Chobu members received a new unit known as GN-X. With the new unit being received, Sergei and the other Chobu member defended the HRL military installation base from an attack by Team Trinity's Throne Gundam.

Before the HRL's joint attack with the AEU & Union, Sergei met 4th Independent Squadron member, Gary Bradge, and was curious to know how he has obtain the Gundam Throne Zwei, to which Bradge replied "It's a trade secret".

After launching a UN Army attack on the Ptolemaios with a total of 26 GN-X units & the Gundam Throne Zwei, both Sergei and Soma were surprised that the Gundams easily wiped out 14 GN-X after witnessing the new equipment and new abilities of Celestial Being's Gundams. This forced the group to fall back with only 12 GN-X unit, and was later reported that they have lost the Gundam Throne Zwei. With this report, he suggested with commanding officer, Kathy Mannequin, to retreat, which she has agreed. They were later ordered to attack the Gundam again after receiving word that the UN Army are sending reinforcements and a new mobile armor, Alvatore. The HRL's GN-X group once again launched an attack on the Ptolemaios, when they were later attacked by the Gundam Kyrios, who Sergei saw was going to kill Soma. Sergei and the other HRL's GN-X member managed to save her, but later lost all of their members, leaving both him and Soma as the only HRL's GN-X members left.

In Episode 25, he is shown to be part of the United Earth Federation's Peacekeeping Army, along with Patrick Colasour and Kathy Mannequin.

eason 2

At the beginning of the season, Sergei is seen relaxing in his home, briefly having a conversation with Kati Mannequin about her joining the A-Laws. He is also now living with Soma, whom he later asks if she had "thought about "that" yet. Later, the two are visited by Andrei Smirnov, Sergei's son, who states that he has come for Soma. Although Sergei tries to question him, Andrei regards his father coldly, indicating a strained relationship.


A well known figure within the HRL, Sergei is described as a respected man who follow orders without question and shows true dedication on his missions. Sometimes he has doubts about the tasks laid before him, but he is shown to get the job done no matter what the mission is.

After a terrorist attack on the HRL's Orbital Station, he watched the JNN news that shows a video message of Aeolia Schenberg announcing an arms intervention group that will end the world's conflict, 'Celestial Being'. Sergei begins to wonder about this group if they really will end the world's conflict.

In episode 2, he had heard confirmation that Celestial Being attacked both the HRL's mobile suit team and the rebels in the former Sri Lanka, Ceylon Island. This has made Sergei judge their methods thinking that doing this will end the conflict.


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