List of works by Erik Chisholm

This is a list of works by Scottish composer Erik Chisholm (1904 - 1965).


* "The Forsaken Mermaid", 1936
* "The Pied Piper of Hamelin", 1937
* "The Earth Shapers", 1941
* "The Hoodie Craw", 1948
* "The Piobaireachd"
* "A Woodland Tale"
* "Polish Woman"


* "The Feast of Samhain", 1941
* "The Inland Woman", 1951 (based on Mary Lavin’s 'The Green Death and the Black Death')
* "Dark Sonnet", 1952 (based on the play 'Before Breakfast' by Eugene O'Neill)
* "Black roses", 1954
* "Simoon", 1953 (based on a text by August Strindberg)
* "Unnatural Death", 1953
* "The Midnight Court", 1954-61 (based on 'A Rhythmical Bacchanalia' by Bryon Merryman)
* "The Canterbury Tales", 1961-62 (based on Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales')
* "The Caucasian Chalk Circle", 1963 (based on Berthold Brecht's 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle')
* "The Importance of Being Earnest", 1963 (based on Oscar Wilde's play of The Importance of Being Earnest)
* "The Life and Loves of Robert Burns", 1963 (based on poems of Burns, and his correspondence with brother Gilbert and other contemporaries)
* "The Wolflings"

"Dark Sonnet", "Black roses" and "Simoon" formed the three-act trilogy of "Murder in Three Keys".



* Symphony No 1 In C Minor
* Symphony No 2, 1939

Other Orchestral Works

* "Adventures of Babar"
* "A Celtic Wonder Tale"
* "Ceol Mor Dances : Version for Orchestra"
* "Chaconne", 1922
* "Dance Suite", 1932
* "Dunedin Suite", for strings
* "The Enchanted Forest: Prelude for Orchestra"
* "The Freiris of Berwick"
* "From The True Edge Of The Great World: Preludes for Orchestra"
* "From The Western Isles", 1939, for strings
* "Hebridia: Orchestral Suite Part 1"
* "March"
* "Pictures From Dante", 1948
* "Prelude in G"
* "Rhapsody"
* "Six Celestial Pieces : No 1 - Sirius"
* "Straloch Suite", 1933
* "Straloch Suite for Strings"
* "Sword Dance"
* Two Pieces for String Orchestra, 1929
* "A Woodland Tale"


* Piano Concerto No.1 "Piobaireachd", 1937
* Piano Concerto No.2 "On Hindustani Themes", 1948-1949
* "Cantos Gitanos", for piano and orchestra
* Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, 1950


One Player

* Sonata for Cello Alone, 1930
* Sonata for Solo Viola
* Sonata for Solo Violin, 1930

Two Players

* "Gavotte", for violin and piano, 1934
* "Morris Dance", for violin and piano
* "A Scotch Tit-Bit", for violin and piano
* Sonata for 2 Violoncellos
* "Three Miniatures", for cello and piano
* Three Short Pieces for Clarinet and Piano, 1960

Four Players

* "A Highland Stream", quartet for flute, clarinet, cello and triangle
* "Sorrow for a Queen (after Maeterlink) : Version for Brass Quartet"
* "Three Pieces for String Quartet : No 1 - Idyll"
* "Three Pieces for String Quartet"
* "Three Scottish Lullabies", string quartet

Five Players

* "Ceol Mor Dances", quintet for four pianos and percussion
* "Sonatina for Woodwind Quintet"
* "Three Dances", quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon

ix or More Players

* "Double Trio", for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, violin, cello and double bass
* "Allegro", for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, percussion, violin and cello
* "Gipsy", for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, two violins, viola and cello
* "Sarabande", for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn and timpani


One Piano

* Sonata in A: "An Riobain Dearg" (The Red Robin)
* The Piobroch Sonatina
* "Sonatine Ecossaise"
* "Night Song of the Bards", six nocturnes for piano
* "All Quiet on the Western Front", a sonata in three movements
* "Honeycombs; for the Children", pianoforte suite
* "Perthshire Airs"
* "Highland Sketches"
* G minor Sonatina, 1922
* Sonatina No.4
* Elegies Nos. 1-4
* "With Cloggs On"
* Collection of Piano solos, "Ceol Mor", which reflect Highland bagpipe tunes known as "Piobaireachd"
** "Lord Lovat's Lament"
** "Maclean of Cole putting his Foot on the Neck of his Enemy"
** "Duntroon Pibroch"
** "Mackenzie of Applecross"
** "The Macgregors"
** "The Chisholm"
** "MacCrimmon's Lament"
** "Lament for King James"
** "Cluig Pheairt"
** "No. 16"
** "Too Long in this Condition"
** "A Lament for the Harp Tree"
** "Squinting Patrick's Flame of Wrath"

Two Pianos

* Piano Concerto No 2 : On Hindustani Themes : arranged for 2 Pianos


ongs with Orchestra

* "Dismal is this Life for Me" (tenor)
* "The Minde's Melody" (female chorus)
* "Mungo" (bass solo with chorus)
* "O Son Of God It Is A Great Grief" (tenor with piano)
* "Pageant of Music for the People", 1939 (chorus)
* "There Was a Time When I Thought Far Sweeter" (tenor)
* "Though You Like to Drink Your Ale" (tenor)

ongs with Piano

* "The Bee"
* "Blossoms"
* "The Blue-Bird"
* "Celtic Folk Songs"
* "A Celtic Song Book"
* "The Chailleach" (Patrick MacDonald) [baritone]
* "Cradle Song (Version 2)", 1926
* "Cradle-Croon"
* "The Donkey", 1923
* "The Fairies", 1923
* "Fragment" (Lillias Scott) [soprano]
* "Hert's Song" (Lillias Scott) [soprano]
* "I Arose one morning early" (Patrick MacDonald) [baritone]
* "In The Dark"
* "Innocence"
* "Johnnie Logie" (Lillias Scott)
* "Little Boney (1806) : The Sergeant's Song", 1926 [tenor]
* "Love Poems (seven songs)"
* "Love's Reward" (Lillias Scott)
* "Meditation"
* "My Ocean Steed", 1923
* "The Offending Eye", 1926 [high voice]
* "Ossian's Soliloquy" (Patrick MacDonald) [baritone]
* "Prayer" (Lillias Scott)
* "She Calls Me Her Coal-Black Mammy"
* "Sixty Cubic Feet" (Randall Swingler) [baritone]
* "Skinny Minny"
* "Skreigh O'Day" (Lillias Scott)
* "Snail, Snail, Shoot Out Your Horn"
* "Songs"
* "There's a Guid Time Comin' Yet"
* "The White Blood of Innocence" (Lillias Scott)

Unaccompanied songs

* "Crabbed Age & Youth", 1926
* "Cradle Song (Version 1)", 1928
* "A Highland Dirge" [female chorus]
* "I Want to Talk to Thee"
* "In Glasgow Here", 1925
* "The Song of the Women", 1928
* "Three Revolutionary Songs : Musical Recitative" [male chorus]


* Paderewski's Theme Varié for two pianos
* Alkan's Symphonie Op 39 no 4-7 for a string orchestra
* Alkan's Concerto for Piano arranged for solo piano and string orchestra

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