John Young

John Young

John Young may refer to:

* John Young (actor) (1916–1996), Scottish actor
* John Young, (1909–1997) American (Hawaiian) painter
* John Young (artist) (c. 1800), British artist
* John Young (astronaut) (born 1930), Retired US astronaut and moonwalker
* John Young (baseball), major league baseball first baseman
* John Young (bishop) (1578–1605), Bishop of Rochester
* John Young (brewer) (died 2006), Chairman of brewers Young & Co
* John Young (British politician) (c. 1639–1710), English Member of Parliament for Old Sarum
* John Young (coach), soccer coach in the North American Soccer League
* John Young (cinematographer), Australian cinematographer and naturalist
* John Young (composer) (born 1962), New Zealand composer of electroacoustic music
* John Young (Cryptome), publisher of the Cryptome website
* John Young (cyclist), winner of 1958 Herald Sun Tour
* John Young (governor) (1802–1852), 19th century Governor of New York
* John Young Olohana (Hawaii), Royal Advisor to Kamehameha I, Kingdom of Hawaii
* Sir John Young (jurist) (1919-2008), Chief Justice (1974-91) and Lieutenant-Governor (1974-95) of Victoria
* John Young (musician), Keyboard player briefly in Asia and with John Wetton
* John Young (naval officer) (ca. 1740–1781), Captain in the Continental Navy during the American Revolutionary War
* John Young (pioneer), Surveyor of the Connecticut Western Reserve
* John Young (professor) (c. 1555), Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge
* John Young (publisher) (fl. 1698–1732), English publisher of later editions of "The Dancing Master"
* John Young (Quebec MP) (1811–1878), Member of the Canadian House of Commons
* John Young (Scottish politician), Scottish politician and former Member of the Scottish Parliament
* John Young (seigneur) (ca 1759–1819), Seigneur, judge and politician in Lower Canada
* John Young (sociologist), sociologist who opposed the opinions of the DIMPAC report
* John Young (soccer) (1872–1958), member of the U.S. National Soccer Hall of Fame
* John Young (SOE), Special Operations Executive field agent
* John Young (theorist), literary theorist and assistant professor at Marshall University.

"Alternate designations:"
* J. Smith Young (1834-1916), US congressman from Louisiana
* John A. Young, former president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard
* John Andrew Young (1916–2002), American politician from the state of Texas
* John Chin Young (1909–1997), American (Hawaiian) painter
* John Duncan Young (1823–1910), US congressman from Kentucky
* John Freeman Young, Second Episcopal bishop of Florida and translator of the carol "Silent Night"
* John Frederick Young (1871–1890), Canadian songwriter ("My Own Canadian Home")
* John Russell Young (1840–1899), American journalist, author, diplomat, and the seventh Librarian of Congress, 1897–1899
* John Willard Young, apostle and member of the First Presidency in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* John Zachary Young (1907–1997), English zoologist who studied neural action
* Johnny Young, Australian singer, songwriter and television host
* Johnny Young (diplomat) (1940), American diplomat
* John Young, 1st Baron Lisgar (1807–1876), Second Governor General of Canada

John Young may also refer to:
* John Young Parkway, Four- and six-lane surface road in Florida named for the astronaut.
* USS "John Young" (DD-973), "Spruance"-class destroyer in the United States Navy named for the naval officer.

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